Michigan State University hit By Ransomware Gang – Cybersecurity Experts Insight

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | May 29, 2020 04:50 am PST

Michigan State University is being targeted with ransomware, and the attackers in this case made the announcementThe operators of the NetWalker (Mailto) ransomware said that they’ve infected the university’s network and have given MSU administrators a week to pay an undisclosed ransom demand to decrypt their files. If MSU officials refuse to pay or choose to restore from backups, the ransomware gang is prepared to leak documents stolen from the university’s network on a special website the group is operating on the dark web. NetWalker operators have already published five images on the site to support their claims. These include two images showing a directory structure allegedly from the university’s network, a passport scan for a student, and two scans of Michigan State financial documents.