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By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Feb 20, 2019 01:46 pm PST

new Microsoft malware infiltration technique has just been discovered, which involves the execution of malware even if the user does not open the Word document containing the malware.  

Expert Comments Below: 

Dr Darren Williams, Founder and CEO at BlackFog:

“The new malware infiltration technique identified must come as a wakeup call around the increased sophistication of attackers. Despite the prevalence of security solutions that focus on intrusion detection systems such as Firewalls and Anti-Virus, together with Malware solutions that remove known infections, attackers are finding new and imaginative ways to break down company walls. So, when hackers break into company networks, it’s critical that they are met with the next line of defence – preventing the transmission of data from one device or network to another and essentially blocking all outbound traffic. 

“This is crucial as attackers are increasingly using fileless techniques to download random payloads and signatures to completely avoid detection. In fact, 77% of successful attacks now use fileless exploits, and worryingly, these types of attacks are ten times more likely to succeed. That’s why fileless network protection must be a key element to device security and an important part of the layered security strategy which is vital to protecting organisations today.” 


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