Most Innovative Product of the Year at Cyber Security Awards

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Writer , Information Security Buzz | Jul 05, 2015 05:30 pm PST

Cyber Security AwardsHost Integrity Technology from Abatis offers new solution to defeat zero-day malware without signature file updates or whitelists

UK-based Abatis was presented with the award for the Most Innovative Product of the Year at last night’s Cyber Security Awards event at the Chelsea Harbour Hotel. Its new patented Host Integrity Technology impressed the judges with its unique zero-day approach to stopping known and unknown malware, from viruses and worms to key-loggers, root-kits, and Trojan-horses.

The Abatis solution does not rely on signature file updates, white-listing, heuristic analysis or sandboxing, but instead denies any unauthorised modifications and blocks unwanted write operations or executables in real time to prevent hacking activity and malware infection.

As well as excellent zero-day defence, the Abatis software also offers a very low maintenance overhead with no false positive or false negative results. And with a very small footprint of just 100KB, it protects everything from servers, workstations and laptops to process control and SCADA systems, running new or legacy Windows and Linux operating systems.

According to the independent ENEX TestLab, Abatis achieved a score of 100% in its defence against malware in comparative tests against eight leading anti-virus products, which scored less than 60% on average. In addition, evaluation by Lockheed Martin confirmed that the Abatis technology, “prevented all attempts to write malware to the permanent storage of the device regardless of system privilege,” while also showing a reduction in energy consumption of 7%, equivalent to a saving of £35/$60 per server per annum.

“The Cyber Security Innovation Award is further recognition of our ground-braking technology and helps to put Abatis on the map,” said Kerry Davies, CEO of Abatis. “With more than 150,000 new malware samples every day, the traditional AV companies are always playing catch-up and the model of detection and clean-up after infection is broken. We believe that Host Integrity Technology is the way forward and accolades such as this latest award further endorse our view.”

Abatis was also a finalist in the TechUK Innovative Cyber Company 2015 Awards and was identified in a 2014 Forrester Research Report as one of the few technologies that could replace AV in the future and highlighted Abatis as a “Company to Watch”.

About Abatis

Abatis (UK) Ltd is a start-up British company spun out of the Enterprise Centre at Royal Holloway University of London focused on the research, design and development of non-signature based Host Integrity Technology.   Professor Fred Piper of Royal Holloway heads the Abatis advisory board. Abatis was granted a US Patent for its technology in May 2015 and the European Patent is pending.

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