Multicloud Deployments Are Twice As Likely To Fall Victim To Security Breaches

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Sep 05, 2019 05:10 am PST

A new report has found that 52% of multicloud environments have suffered a breach within the past year, compared with 24% of hybrid cloud users. More than half of firms running multicloud environments have been hit with a data breach in the past year, compared with 24% of hybrid cloud organisations and 24% of single-cloud users.

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Boris Cipot
Boris Cipot , Senior Sales Engineer
September 5, 2019 1:14 pm

Complexity has never been a friend to security. The more complex a system (or in this respect also an application, service, etc.) is the harder it is to define and maintain security policies for it and its usage, or even to monitor the usage and identify breaches. When using multi-cloud in comparison to hybrid cloud, your used functionality is spread out on several different platforms to which you connect from your network and which you also need to connect with each other. You are most likely also using different technologies which you now need to know through and through to ensure you know what you are doing, and doing so securely. With more elements comes more complexity. With more complexity comes more potential for security gaps.

Companies often start experimenting with different services to learn about the technologies and to see how they can suit their needs. However, cloud environments used for testing can and often evolve into interconnected production services. The problem with this is that in such incidental solutions, from a security standpoint, aren’t always put to the highest priority.

Using service providers to help you in this matter has proven, in many companies, to be a good starting point. Not only do you get the necessary knowledge around secure cloud infrastructures, but you will also get experienced recommendations on the best breed of services and proven infrastructures you can bring into your firm’s processes.

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