Nearly 90% Of Americans Are Afraid Of Falling Victim To Cybercrime

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Aug 30, 2022 04:34 am PST

Global identity verification company, Veriff, analyzed FBI data and conducted an exclusive survey to find out which cybercrimes Americans are most afraid of and how often they are happening – to determine whether our fears are valid. 

You can view the full report here.

The top 5 cybercrimes Americans are most afraid of and how often they happen

RankType of crime% Americans afraid of falling victim to this crimeCases as a % of all reported online crimes
1Identity theft31.47%7.13%
2Personal data breach13.79%7.16%
3Credit card fraud12.69%2.31%
4Hacking extortion (hackers hold data until their demands for payment are met)9.89%5.44%
5Phishing/vishing/smishing/pharming (aka the use of emails or messages from a fake company to get information)5.39%44.76%

While 31% of Americans are afraid of identity theft, these crimes only made up 7% of all reported crimes. Only 5% of respondents were afraid of phishing, vishing, smishing or pharming scams but these made up a huge 45% of reports. 

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