New Cybersecurity Tools make the Best Protection Proactive

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Jun 16, 2015 05:15 pm PST

F-Secure offering new tools in its revised Business Suite line to help IT managers control and manage the risks facing modern businesses.

Studies show that data breaches are becoming more frequent and severe, and the proliferation of resources available to attackers means that IT Managers need to provide comprehensive protection to their employees in order to manage risks. F-Secure has updated its Business Suite security solution with these needs in mind, and the product line now places new emphasis on the role of control and manageability as the foundation for reliable security.

Business Suite is a corporate security solution from F-Secure that combines several unique features -such as, web content control and automated patch-management that work together to give companies comprehensive protection against existing and emerging threats. Additions to the new Business Suite release include a new version of F-Secure’s award-winning Client Security and an updated Policy Manager. These additions will give IT managers new capabilities such as:

  • Blocking content (such as Java, Flash or other web components) with Advanced Protection.
  • Preventing employee exposure to malicious websites with Web Content Control.
  • Controlling access to potentially unsecure sites with Connection Control while performing business critical tasks.

These components work with the rest of the Business Suite ensemble to give businesses protection that goes beyond traditional anti-virus to help IT managers identify and kill modern cyber-threats.

“Many of today’s cyberattacks are quite simple in a technical sense and easily prevented if you don’t give attackers resources that they can use in their attacks,” said Jarno Niemelä, senior researcher at F-Secure. “Attacks need two things above all else – a channel to reach potential victims and for potential victims to have vulnerable software that attackers can exploit. So having good cybersecurity means using tools and tactics that prevent attackers from being able to execute these two strategies.”

Risk can be managed and controlled

The last quarter of 2014 saw a 25% increase in data breaches from the same period the year before*.

A study examining 350 significant data breaches in Europe over the past decade, has founded that while 41% of them were caused by hackers, 57% were caused by “sloppiness”**. These numbers add up to a diverse range of security risks that need to be managed and controlled in order to prevent them from becoming full-blown security incidents.

According to Pekka Usva, F-Secure’s vice president corporate security, Business Suite gives IT manager’s tools to control the security issues that arise when working within modern IT supply chains. “No one is working in isolation anymore, and companies can expose themselves to data breaches and other threats by integrating part of their infrastructure with other businesses that have little or no security. Therefore, IT managers can use features like connection control to isolate sensitive parts of their network from potential risks that is vital in complex networked environments. In addition, the award-winning endpoint protection will even detect new threats that have never been seen before.”

Business Suite is an on-premise security solution designed to protect businesses with 100 or more seats. It is currently available all over the world and offered by more than, 3000 resellers. It is also available for a free three-month trial from F-Secure’s website.

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