New DDoS attacks launched, targeting online newspapers

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Jul 23, 2013 01:01 am PST

Local newspapers one day ago joyfully reported that the server which commanded and controlled the hacking to online newspapers was found and neutralized. However, the disaster has not ended yet.

On July 17, Dantri online newspaper posted a piece of news advising readers to update the tool to kill the new malware to fight against DDoS attacks. The users downloading the malware killing tool provided on July 16 need to download the latest version and scan their computers once more.

As such, it is very likely that there exist the new malware pieces which have not been used by hackers in the DDoS attacks in recent days.

A representative of BKAV said it has not received any new information from online newspapers, therefore, it’s still early to come to a conclusion that a new attack has been kicked off.

However, it’s highly possible that hackers use the other undiscovered botnets to launch new attacks.

Nguyen Hong Phuc, a member of HVAOnline, a security forum, has confirmed that a new DDoS attack ha begun. The attack has been conducted by the botnet used in the previous attack which had been updated with the latest version of malware before it collapsed on the morning of July 16.


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