NEWS: NCA Reports Organised Criminals Have Exploited Technology To Become Number One Security Threat

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | May 14, 2018 10:54 am PST

The National Crime Agency has today released its annual report on organised crime.

The report indicates that organised crime is now affecting more people than any other form of crime. The rise is being driven by the exploitation of new technologies, such as encrypted communications and dark web marketplaces. Gregory Webb, CEO at Bromium commented below.

Gregory Webb, CEO at Bromium: 

“The threat of crime to businesses and people is growing and dark web platforms like Tor and the Invisible Internet Project offer criminals a way to evade law enforcement and commoditise cybercrime and other activities, like the sale of guns and drugs. This platform criminality model is productising cyber threats and making cybercrime as easy as shopping online. Not only is it easy to access cybercriminal tools, services and expertise: it means enterprises and governments alike are going to see more sophisticated, costly and disruptive attacks. It is equally easy for them to wash that money and convert it into cash – and the rise in use of unregulated, virtual currencies is making this even easier. We can’t solve this problem using old thinking or outdated technology. By focusing on new methods of cybersecurity that protect rather than detect, we believe we can make cybercrime a lot harder, allowing organisations and the security industry to disrupt this web of profit.”

Stats from Web of Profit report:

  • With cryptocurrency increasingly used by criminals as a method of cleaning cash, around 25% property payments are expected to be in cryptocurrency within the next few years
  • 20% of cybercriminals interviewed (from a sample of c. 100 first hand interviews) admitted to channelling revenues into the production of drugs and human trafficking
  • 57% of dark web activity is now associated with trading drugs
  • AlphaBay – one of the largest illicit marketplaces in history – was found to have over 250,000 listings for illegal drugs and firearms when it was taken down
  • 95% of money mule activity has links to cybercrime
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