** Oct 16th ** Sharing Among Nations — an ICS-ISAC Public Briefing

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In our interconnected world we all rely together on the stable operation of a single global infrastructure. The ability of ports in Europe to service ocean-going vessels impacts consumers in America. The ability of those ships to safely transit the open seas impacts hospitals in Japan. Emerging nations rely on the infrastructure of the developed world to kick-start their own growing economies.

Join the ICS ISAC and FIRST (the Forum for Incident Response and Security Teams) for a panel discussion – including Larry Castro (Chertoff Group), Peter Allor (FIRST) and Oscar Acevedo (Guatemala CERT) – on the global implications of knowledge sharing.

Designed to benefit both the technical & non-technical attendee the ICS-ISAC Public Briefing series takes a no-nonsense approach to addressing issues that cut across industry, sector, and job function. So whether you are hands-on ICS, administrator, or C-level decision-maker you will find valuable information that you can take and implement to further secure your industrial control systems.

Sharing Among Nations

Wednesday October 16th, 2013 – 1:00-2:30pm ET

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Larry Castro – Managing Director for The Chertoff Group
Larry Castro’s extensive career spans the breadth and depth of the information assurance and information security space including more than four decades at the National Security Agency (NSA) where he held numerous prominent positions.  He served in the Agency’s Research and Engineering, Signals Intelligence, and Information Assurance organizations and lead the Defensive Information Operations Group within the Information Assurance Directorate.  In October 2001 he was designated as NSA’s Homeland Security Support Coordinator and subsequently served as the NSA/Central Security Service Representative to the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

As NSA’s Coordinator for Homeland Security Support he led the development of the Agency’s Homeland Security Support Strategy that is aligned with the National Strategy for Homeland Security.  The Strategy provides a framework for the delivery of NSA products, services and capabilities to organizations involved in the security of the United States.  Several of the mission critical areas include providing Signals Intelligence (SIGINT), Information Assurance (IA) and Computer Network Operations advice to the DHS Secretary and other senior DHS leaders, as well as directing NSA staff efforts to provide cryptologic support to DHS operating components.

Currently at the Chertoff Group, Mr. Castro focuses on information assurance and cybersecurity; information sharing across federal, state and local governments; intelligence support for crises and special events; and general intelligence community matters.  He operates from the premise that the ability of business and government to be successful requires operating in a trusted environment all the while maintaining a delicate balance between effective information sharing and defense-in-depth.

Peter Allor – Board Member, CFO and Treasurer of the Forum for Incident Response and Security Teams (FIRST)
As Security Strategist in the IBM Critical Infrastructure Group, Peter Allor is responsible for security strategies to align IBM’s products and services with government, critical infrastructure, and networked protection requirements.  He is a Certified SCADA Security Architect and works with both private sector customers and national governments to better secure industry sectors and critical infrastructures.  Given his wealth of knowledge and experience in the control system space he has presented on penetration testing of industrial control systems to FIRST; the World Institute for Nuclear Security; and the International Atomic Energy Agency and in 2005 was presented with IT* Security Magazine’s Individual Innovation Award.

Peter’s high-level involvement with projects and initiatives such as FIRST, the Information Technology Sector Coordinating Council (IT-SCC), CSIS Cyber Security Commission for the 44th Presidency, the President’s National Infrastructure Advisory Council, as well as the Industry Consortium for Advancement of Security on the Internet (ICASI) has made him a valued and respected presenter at numerous national and international events on security, information sharing and cyber intelligence.

Oscar Acevedo – Founder & CEO at CyberSeg.com (Guatemala CERT)
As a seasoned consultant and entrepreneur providing information security services Oscar Acevedo is focused on developing a strong presence in the Central American telecommunications space.

His keen insight and realization of the imperative to mitigate new and evolving types of information security risk has lead to the development of applications to capture attacks in real time.  They currently have several security appliances in production or final testing for launch phase.

Chris Blask – Chair of the ICS-ISAC
Chris Blask has a career that spans the breadth of the industrial control system cybersecurity space. From humble beginnings as a control system engineer he soon saw the need for and invented one of the first commercial firewall products. Joining Cisco Systems he then led their firewall business to a position of global leadership, a legacy that continues to this day.  Recognizing the need to apply Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) technology to ICS cybersecurity he founded Lofty Perch, authored the first book on SIEM, and created AlienVault’s ICS Group. Today, Chris is actively involved with a wide range of domestic and international efforts in the cybersecurity arena.

The Industrial Control System Information Sharing and Analysis Center (ICS-ISAC) is a member driven organization supported by valued industry partners. It exists to bring together key stakeholders for the purpose of sharing knowledge about risks, threats and best practices across our shared critical infrastructure. The Center was created to provide the ICS community with a common platform where collaboration can be performed in an environment best suited to the needs of all involved parties.

Interested organizations, researchers, vendors, and asset owners can become a part of the Industrial Control System Information Sharing and Analysis Center at ICS-ISAC.org.

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