Office Security Must-Haves to Keep Your Company Safe

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Nov 03, 2015 06:00 pm PST

The workplace can be a dangerous place. Employees and managers alike must feel safe at work or the company won’t create a culture of lasting and loyal workers. Employers can increase security in a multitude of ways for the safety of those who work for them. But what steps should a company take to ensure their workplace is a safe one, for all involved?

Antivirus in the Office

Antivirus software is essential for any company that conducts business online. This isn’t only safer for the employees, but also for the business as a whole. A trusted antivirus program can protect against malicious email viruses, websites, and other hacker schemes.

  • Bitdefender: This is one of the best antivirus programs on the market for businesses. They have business subscription packages that cover anywhere from three to 50 computers in a workplace. Their GravityZone service collects data on threats and can deliver threat intelligence anywhere in the world in three seconds flat.
  • Kaspersky: Great for larger companies, Kaspersky offers antivirus systems for businesses with thousands of employees and computers. They have a variety of subscription services from Core to Total, all at different price points and more or less inclusive. This way, you get the online protection you want for the price you can afford. Kaspersky Labs has also uncovered multiple acts of cyber terrorism and hacks that no other antivirus firm detected. With an active and interested firm that constantly monitors and improves its products, Kaspersky is a leader in the field.
  • ESET: ESET leans more toward small businesses and the dangers they face. They provide endpoint security, remote management, secure authentication, as well as a host of other online solutions. They even provide mobile device security in case the company issues smartphones to employers. This all inclusive company is great for small offices.


Security cameras make employees feel safe in the office as well as outside the building at night. Security cameras should never be placed in areas where employees are entitled to privacy such as changing rooms or bathrooms.

Lorex Technologies offers a variety of state of the art security cameras. While many security camera providers demand a monthly subscription for the use of their cameras, Lorex doesn’t. These high definition IP cameras shoot in 720 or 1080p in the daylight hours. When night falls they automatically convert to night vision. Lorex provides camera bundles from two to 16, and with no cords or wires, you simply mount them, connect them with your wireless Internet and download the corresponding app. With the app on your phone, you can monitor these IP cameras and see what they see no matter where you are. While this makes the workplace safer, it also cuts down on the chances of dishonest workers who might take advantage of the system, steal from the till, or participate in inappropriate behavior while on the clock.

Not only do cameras and antivirus programs protect employees, they also protect the company and yourself. With these premier products your business will be a safer place for all.

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