Organisations Must Come To Terms With The Fact That Threat Actors Are Not Going Anywhere….

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Nov 01, 2016 05:15 pm PST

Following the news that the Australian Red Cross blood service has been breach, Jonathan Martin, EMEA Operations Director at Anomali commented below.

Jonathan Martin, EMEA Operations Director at Anomali:

Jonathan Martin“This is now the third critical infrastructure network to be breached in Australia in close succession. First the Bureau of Statistics, then the Bureau of Meteorology, and now the Australian Red Cross. This is by far the worst breach that the country has seen, with extremely personal data put at risk by not having any protective system in place. Companies that deal with such sensitive data or valuable intellectual property, are at greater risk than most and therefore have a greater responsibility to ensure these types of attacks are mitigated.

“Organisations must come to terms with the fact that threat actors are not going anywhere. Attackers are getting more focused, more aggressive, more assertive, and quicker, it’s the aggressor who decides the end of the engagement, if you are not secure, they will keep delving deeper. Defence ensures you will win this game. Through a war of attrition, upping the costs and sophistication necessary to obtain information will mean the aggressor has to squeeze through too many choke points. Adding in multiple sources of threat intelligence is essential, which collates data from malware, incidents, and threat actors, etc., to identify, prioritise, and action responses to malicious activity in real-time. There is no excuse for customer details to end up on the Dark web.”

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