Orpak Gas Stations Easily Hackable Thanks To Hardcoded Passwords

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | May 03, 2019 01:54 pm PST

In celebration of World Password Day, it was reported that hundreds of Orpak gas station systems can be easily hacked thanks to hardcoded passwords. The systems set the price of the gas, process card payments and monitor the amount of fuel stored in a gas station’s tanks as well as their temperature and pressure. That being said, access to these systems would allow anyone to have a field day with the capabilities of the software. 

Carl Wright, CCO at AttackIQ:

“Insecure software development and insufficient use of security best practices is creating significant shared risk for both consumers and commercial organizations.  Only through comprehensive validation of an organization’s cyber readiness can they ensure that the applications and systems they depend on can withstand a cyberattack.  Vendors should be held accountable for using best practices in product development life cycles and users of vendor products must validate their cyber readiness before the adversary does.” 


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