Predictions for 2016

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Writer , Information Security Buzz | Dec 20, 2015 07:00 pm PST

A number of Touchdown Clients have Predictions for 2016

Adapt – Kevin Linsell, Director of Strategy and Architecture

Tighter security control and potential fines for security lapses. 2015 has seen no reduction in the number of high profile security breaches and exploits. In fact quite the opposite: the quantity and severity of attacks have reached new heights, with losses now reaching far beyond financial impact. I believe 2015 may be seen in retrospect as the ‘watershed’ year and in 2016 governments will be forced to act and finally mandate common sense security measures. This could include encrypting all data pertaining to individuals, with significant (some will say excessive) fines to those failing to do the basics. Encryption, both at rest and in transit, is no longer the cost and performance burden it used to be. Whilst encryption is by no means a ‘silver bullet’, it can at least reduce the potential attack vectors and opportunities for hackers.

Cradlepoint – Hubert Da Costa, Vice President, EMEA

With the government pledging broadband for everybody and the Digital Transformation Plan due to push technology use even further, 2016 will be the year when guaranteed connectivity is demanded by customers and businesses alike, regardless of location. In turn this connectivity will facilitate the growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) and its related applications and platforms. 2016 will also be the year when smart cities develop and businesses use connectivity to enhance productivity and communication, even while on the go. For the business community this connectivity, productivity and evolution will be possible due to the increased adoption of 4G LTE technology within the enterprise.

Connected Data – Geraldine Osman, VP of International Marketing

The need for constant, secure, on demand mobile access coupled with the fact that businesses are growing more concerned about security and data privacy will drive private cloud adoption in 2016. With the EU safe harbour ruling we will also see organisations opting to keep their data within the company’s own infrastructure. The role of storage is constantly changing and going into next year we will continue to see the number of desktop users decline and enterprise data usage by mobile devices will grow significantly. Storage infrastructure technology will have to adapt in order to support the growing mobile workforce and offer users easy, secure access. In the past few years we have witnessed many public cloud data breaches and unplanned outages dominate the media and with tightening government regulations companies will increasingly look to implement user-centric, private cloud solutions that facilitate mobile access while offering tighter security measures.

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