Provides Proactive, Automated Privilege Management for Cyber Defense against Zero Day Exploits

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Cyber Defense against Zero Day ExploitsAdaptive Privilege Management and Security Management Solutions Impede the Three Steps Common to Land and Expand Cyber Attacks

In today’s cyber security environment, a common assumption is that advanced zero day threats are now indefensible due to the sophisticated and automated nature of the attacks. This week, in booth 325 at the Gartner Security and Risk Management Summit, Lieberman Software Corporation is exhibiting technology that can prevent zero days and other advanced cyber attacks from expanding throughout the enterprise.

“There’s an assertion among some cyber security firms that the types of zero day attacks that afflicted Sony Pictures, Home Depot and other enterprises are nearly impossible to block,” said Philip Lieberman, President and CEO of Lieberman Software. “Not only is this a fallacy, but we believe that

with just a few simple changes in organizational IT behavior, and the deployment of automated security solutions, most cyber attacks can be contained, and the cost for attackers escalated to the point where continuing an attack makes far less sense.”

Modern advanced cyber attacks are now launched on a nearly continuous basis against most enterprises. Many zero day attacks can easily penetrate conventional network perimeter defenses, allowing intruders to nest within the IT environment for extended periods of time. Once inside the network, attackers generally take these three common steps to expand their access, take control of the IT infrastructure, and access sensitive data:

  • Establish a Foothold after an Initial Compromise
  • Escalate Privileges and Attain Lateral Movement
  • Extract Data and Conceal Tracks

These three stages of advanced cyber attacks can be addressed with Lieberman Software’s security management product User Manager Pro Suite™ (UMPS) and adaptive privilege management platform Enterprise Random Password Manager™ (ERPM).  UMPS provides global removal of local administrator permissions on workstations and servers, while ERPM removes persistent elevated access throughout the enterprise. The core of the Lieberman Software solution is preventing intruders from extracting and leveraging the credentials they require to gain unrestricted and anonymous lateral movement throughout the network.

“Due to the advanced nature of today’s cyber attacks, intruders are already within most environments, and are nearly impossible to detect” Lieberman said. “However, with an aggressive security posture and the right processes you can prevent intruders from gaining unlimited access to your systems.”

About Lieberman Software

Lieberman SoftwareLieberman Software Corporation released its first commercial product in 1994, but traces its roots back to 1978 when it was founded as a software consultancy. Since its inception, the company has been a profitable, management owned firm. For years, Lieberman Software products have been the choice of organizations concerned with locating and remediating security problems occurring within the IT infrastructure, where rapid and comprehensive response is crucial. For Lieberman Software customers in all major vertical markets, “weeks of work cut down to seconds” is the norm. Lieberman Software now has more than 1,400 global customers, including nearly half of the Fortune 50. The company is a Microsoft Gold Application Development Partner, an Oracle Gold Partner and an HP Silver Business Partner. The company is headquartered in Los Angeles, CA with offices and channel partners located around the world. All product development and testing operations are based in the United States. For more information Visit HERE

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For more information about how Lieberman Software can help mitigate the effects of zero day exploits go to HERE to download the white paper Cyber Defense Review of Mandiant and Verizon Threats: How-to Immediately Limit Attack Consequences.

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