Recent Survey Shows 1 in 4 PC’s will be Infected by Malware

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Jun 09, 2015 05:00 pm PST

Malware attacks are becoming more common and every day we are seeing more organisations fall victim to malicious malware. Recently Panda Labs announced the findings of a survey which revealed more than one in four PC’s in the UK will become infected by malware.

We are all aware of the recent hacking stories such as the Sony scandal but companies are still leaving things to changes.

Comment from David Fisk, EMEA, Sales Director at Quorum who discusses the importance of having an affective backup and disaster recovery plan in an age where malware poses such a risk :

 “We are seeing more and more organisations every day fall victim to malware and trojan attacks. Too many businesses are relying on chance, companies need to have an affective disaster recovery and backup plan in place to ensure business continuity. Having a well-planned disaster recovery system built into your IT strategy can act as a form of insurance against this sort of threat. For example, by taking regular ‘snapshots’ of the IT system, it can be possible to turn back to a time before the virus hit, and recover systems to their state before the day of the infection.  Without this simple ability, IT admins will have to keep the infected applications and systems down until the virus is removed, causing interruption to the business.

It’s importance that businesses understand the need to have DR plan in place and to test it. Organisations should not be leaving things to hindsight. All it takes is one employee to click on a link and the malware or cyptowall is downloaded. Once set free, the malware proceeds to encrypt, and hold hostage to all of the company’s data. Without a DR plan in place that works, it can take days to recover.”

By David Fisk, EMEA, Sales Director at Quorum

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quorumQuorum provides mid-size businesses with fool-proof disaster recovery plans, all without the complexity or high cost of data center replication. With the Quorum Hybrid Cloud Service, clients’ recovery solutions are tested daily! And if disaster strikes, up-to-date VM clones of their protected servers take over. With just one click.

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