Releases the First Semantic API to Enable the Development of Cognitive Computing Systems for the Finance Industry

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Writer , Information Security Buzz | Jul 23, 2015 05:30 pm PST

First Semantic APIA ready-to-deploy semantic intelligent system to speed search and content analysis for precise knowledge and representation of financial domains

Expert System (EXSY.MI), the leader in multilingual semantic intelligence technology for the effective management of unstructured information, announced Cogito API Finance, the first, ready-to-deploy and fully configured solution specifically designed to help financial industry developers and IT professionals speed their search and content analysis application deployments, avoiding months of engineering and design time. Combining the richest taxonomy and ontologies for the finance sector with the performance of a solid and proven semantic engine, Cogito API Finance improves the ability to effectively and accurately manage massive amounts of relevant data and open source information.

Today’s financial organizations need to rapidly evolve their data management infrastructures to enable bank professionals, including stockbrokers, risk managers and compliance mangers, to continuously analyze massive amounts of structured and unstructured data.  Constant monitoring of market information, news, reports and other streams of data are required to successfully manage investment risks, identify market indicators, improve financial performance, and gain competitive and industry insights. All these activities, while critical to the bottom line, are both time-consuming and costly to the individual and the organization.

With the introduction of Cogito API Finance, Expert System is providing developers and IT professionals with the ability to easily create and develop powerful, compliant and customized applications that offer a precise knowledge of the financial domain, with the ability to read like humans to quickly and accurately consume and understand financial content.

“Intelligent solutions for strategic information management are absolutely critical in today’s big data world, and no where is this more critical than in the financial services industry where inaccurate or incomplete data can lead to fatal decisions,” said Luca Scagliarini, CEO, Expert System USA. “With Cogito API Finance, we are filling a big gap and tremendous need for customized knowledge management solutions in the financial industry. Cogito API Finance is the first solution to provide developers and IT professionals with the building blocks to allow them to significantly minimize engineering and design time in deploying customized search and content analysis applications that will help banks and other financial institutions exploit strategic information to maximize their effectiveness.

Examples of applications enabled by the API include intelligence on Open Source Information in support of AML compliance requirements, effective support in the real time analysis of information streams and research for asset managers or even the minimizing customer churns via proactive analysis of customer experience data.

Cogito API Finance can also help organizations:   

  • Maximize accuracy for automatic categorization of content.
  • Reduce time and costs for information management using data mining, semantic search, content navigation and automatic categorization.
  • Monitor related industry markets and competitors for competitive advantage.
  • Provide a collaboration platform for knowledge workers and analysts to share intellectual capital.

About Expert System

Headquartered in Chicago, Expert System is a leading provider of information access solutions based on the proprietary, patented, multilingual semantic technology of Cogito. Using Expert System’s products, enterprise companies and government agencies can go beyond traditional keyword approaches for the rapid sense-making of their structured and unstructured data. Expert System technology has been deployed to deliver solutions for a vast range of business requirements such as semantic searches, open source intelligence, multilingual and big text analytics, natural language processing and the development and management of taxonomies and ontologies. Expert System serves some of the world’s largest industries including Banking and Insurance, Life Sciences and Pharmaceuticals, Oil and Gas, Media and Publishing, and Government including companies such as Shell, Chevron, Eli Lilly, Wolters Kluwer, Networked Insights, Nalco Champion, US Department of Justice and the DTRA.

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