Research: Fewer Than 10% Of Security Professionals Feel Prepared For 5G Rollout – AT&T Cybersecurity Insights Report

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Dec 09, 2020 07:39 am PST

The dawn of 5G technology is upon us and this new wireless power promises to be a faster and better successor to 4G networks. With more devices connecting to more data, both enterprises and the general consumer will greatly benefit from 5G’s arrival. But how ready are businesses for this new era in connectivity and how secure is 5G?

To evaluate 5G preparedness and the awareness around its security is AT&T Cybersecurity, which has just released its tenth Cybersecurity Insights Report: 5G and the Journey to the Edge, in partnership with IDC. This report highlights the many scenarios that will broaden connections among humans and machines more quickly and efficiently but also bring advanced attacks that can take down businesses, utilities, and even cities.

Furthermore, the report outlines the many opportunities available to businesses to change the network, offload capabilities to operators and service providers, and engage assistance with security service providers to ensure business resiliency.

Having surveyed 1,000 C-suite professionals and security practitioners, most recognise that 5G is not just a faster 4G, and they are making strategic investments to secure this new, rapidly approaching frontier.

Some of the reports key findings include:

5G Confusion Amongst Business Leaders: 31% of respondents think that 5G is secure out of the box from the network provider with no additional security required
Business Security Posture: Fewer than 10% of respondents feel that their security posture is fully prepared for the rollout of 5G
Business Security Spend: Business leaders are spending close to a quarter of their budget on 5G security and will increase that spend in the next 12–18 months
83.2% of respondents believe attacks on web-based applications will be a challenge
Top 5G Security Challenges: Respondents claim the top 5G security challenges are:
Data privacy
Security of data accessed by mobile endpoints
The need for more robust, specific security policies
Greater potential for DDoS attacks

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