Research Insight: IT Professionals Reconsidering Career Trajectories Amid Increased Work Pressures

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Aug 16, 2023 03:25 am PST

New findings by Ivanti, a pioneer in the arena of enhanced and secured tech solutions for flexible working, have sparked serious concerns within the IT sector. The company’s latest “Defending IT Talent Report” discloses that a staggering 25% of IT professionals are mulling over job change opportunities in the upcoming six months. Such a departure could inflict financial ramifications, potentially escalating to over £19 billion for UK enterprises.

At the core of these findings is the overt stress and augmented work pressures that IT professionals are grappling with in the current hybrid and remote working environment. Notably, these professionals are 1.4 times more susceptible to silently disengaging or “quiet quitting” compared to their counterparts in other knowledge-centric domains.

Key challenges delineated by the research include:

– An alarming surge of 73% in workload intensities, with 25% of participants signaling burnout symptoms.

– A 23% dip in peer connectivity, a noticeable deviation from the 17% benchmark seen among regular office-goers.

– Remote work routines translating to elongated work durations, 2.5 times more frequently.

– Worryingly, among those contemplating job exits, 31% are flagging deteriorating mental well-being.

Yet, despite the manifold challenges, a dominant 84% of the IT cohort expressed the desire to sustain remote working arrangements, at least sporadically.

Jeff Abbott, Ivanti’s CEO, underscores the paradox, “IT stalwarts are the linchpins anchoring the reality of universal remote work for enterprises. However, the overwhelming work magnitude is palpable. Persisting IT talent retention struggles, a chronic corporate ailment, are proving detrimental both in terms of efficiency and financial outcomes. It’s a clarion call for industries to wholeheartedly adopt automation, thus streamlining IT work spheres. Such proactive interventions not only bolster employee retention but also sharpen the competitive edge.”

The report accentuates that the primary triggers for IT employee disenchantment are not remote working norms per se. The real culprits are the dearth of apt resources, toolkits, and comprehensive support. Ivanti’s study elucidates a six-fold strategy for businesses to smoothen the remote work experience for their IT and cybersecurity brigades:

1. **Grasp IT work-life stress points:** Implement periodic internal surveys and personal interactions to understand employee mindsets and detect work challenges associated with hybrid and remote modalities.

2. **Catalog tech-specific experiences:** Nearly a quarter of IT professionals indicated dissatisfaction with offsite work tools. Monitoring the digital employee experience (DEX) can shed light on requisite enhancements.

3. **Champion IT workflow automation:** Commit to technologies that autonomously manage monotonous tasks. Ensure automation extends to both client-centric tasks and internal operations.

4. **Espouse proactive solutions:** Deploy advanced systems incorporating AI, machine learning, and remote scrutiny to pre-empt and rectify tech snags, often even before user awareness.

5. **Empower employee workstyle choices:** Entrust IT staff with the liberty to design a work modality aligning with their personal needs, fortifying recruitment and retention drives.

6. **Nurture face-to-face IT team interactions:** Physical meet-ups can catalyze trust and camaraderie. A casual lunch or team outing can immensely enhance virtual connections.

Ivanti’s research is a timely reminder of the importance of supporting IT professionals, who are instrumental in the successful transition and sustainment of remote work ecosystems.