Research Shows System Compromises Are The Biggest Cyber Security Concern For Businesses

Neustar International Security Council (NISC) research revealed yesterday that system compromises are now the greatest cyber concern for IT security leaders, with nearly one in four (23%) security leaders citing them as the biggest threat to their business. Jason Garbis, VP at Cyxtera Technologies commented below.

Jason Garbis, VP at Cyxtera Technologies:

“The traditional network perimeter as we knew it no longer exists, so relying solely on it is a doomed security strategy. IT is more distributed and diverse than ever. Organizations must change their entire security infrastructure and mindset to protect against evolving and aggressive cyber threats. This requires a shift from a hardware-centric security model to a software-defined one. People should be at the center of security, with an identity-centric model that starts with a user, not an IP address. Verify who the user is, not just what wire they came in on, before granting access to applications and systems. Software-defined perimeter (SDP) software solutions provide a giant leap forward in that direction because users only get access to network resources they need, after they’ve been authenticated. Unauthorized resources aren’t just blocked at the network port – they’re completely invisible. This vastly reduces the attack surface area.”

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