Resurgence Of The Slammer Worm

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Feb 08, 2017 05:40 am PST

Security researchers have noted the re-emergence of the Slammer Worm now 13 years old, that targets a flaw in older Microsoft SQL servers and Desktop Engines triggering a denial of service attack. Lamar Bailey, Senior Director, Security R & D commented below.

 Lamar Bailey, Senior Director, Security R&D at Tripwire:

Lamar Bailey“While 0-day and APT tend to get the spotlight in the media because they sound cool, the biggest threat is not patching known vulnerabilities.  Organizations spend millions on the latest greatest security products, but fail to fundamentally secure their network by just upgrading and patching old vulnerabilities. You can install motion sensors, cameras, alarms, etc. at your house, but if you do not lock your door a thief can still walk in and steal your TV. You may have him on camera and know exactly what he did, but you still don’t have a TV. Lock your door, patch your vulnerabilities and monitor your system changes and configuration first, then go buy cutting edge technology.”

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