Russia Compromised Seven States Prior To 2016 Election

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Mar 02, 2018 03:30 pm PST

Ilia Kolochenko,CEO at High-Tech Bridge:

ilia kolochenko ceo high tech bridge new“If these allegations are true, we are likely dealing with an unprecedented scale of attack that deserves the most rigorous technical investigation and a proportional response.

“However, so far we are mainly dealing with a number of isolated, often contradictory facts and testimonies from various conflicting sources. For example, the breach of a state website will unlikely have any direct consequences on the election outcomes. Many adduced facts – are excerpts from secret reports and thus can hardly be used to derive a reliable conclusion without reading the entire report.

“For obvious reasons, it may be very difficult, or even technically impossible, to know who is pulling the strings of the attacks. But otherwise, such news stories may just give valuable hints to the attackers to destroy some unexpected evidence and hinder the investigation.

“The alleged interference with the elections – is a matter of public interest and society deserves to know the truth about it. I think a close cooperation between federal agencies can shed some light on the scope and material consequences (if any) of the alleged attacks. In the meantime, Federal and State governments should enhance their cybersecurity strategy and urgently allocate additional budget for national defense against cyber-attacks.”