SAM Home Security Boosts Revenues For Israel’s Largest Telco, Prevents Thousands Of Cyber Attacks Per Week

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Feb 20, 2019 01:29 pm PST

Over one third of Bezeq’s customers pay a premium for enterprise-grade LAN security, stopping more than 100,000 attacks every week 

Tel Aviv, Israel (February 20th, 2019) –  SAM Seamless Network, the intuitive security system for smart home networks, today announced that it has successfully created a new revenue stream for Israel’s largest telecommunications company Bezeq via a premium subscription offering. SAM also announced its expansion into Europe and USA with new offices in Berlin and New York, as well as the appointment of Pirjo Tuomi as Chief Revenue Officer.  

SAM prevents an average of 67.4K DoS attacks, 15,6K Malware attacks, 18K spyware and 2.5K router takeover hacks to Bezeq’s customer base on a weekly basis. Over the past 12 months, Bezeq has installed SAM’s seamless, core cybersecurity software in over 1.5 million households with 100% of their customers benefiting from this. In addition, over 35% of the Israeli telco’s customers have subscribed to SAM’s premium enterprise-grade security service, opting to pay an extra few dollars per user per month to protect LANs, home or small office networks. SAM’s cybersecurity offering  creates an entirely new, additional revenue stream for telecoms companies.  

“Our customers keep adding new IoT devices to their homes without being aware of the risks involved,” said Niv Brekner, Head of Products and Innovation at Bezeq “With SAM’s technology deployed, our customers have gained a sense of control and we have been able to prevent a wide range of attacks from their home networks.”

Bezeq’s additional security service includes extra IoT protection, network segmentation, and parental control through SAM’s app which is branded as part of the telecom’s premium upgrade offering. Bezeq has experienced a significant increase in total revenue and substantially decreased churn rate by around a third as a result of the premium offering. In total, SAM is protecting over 4 million smart home devices through Israel’s largest telcom, creating retention hooks for users and increasing user experience.  

“With an abundance of vulnerabilities and daily security threats on the rise, telcos and service providers like Bezeq understand that protection of all connected devices is critical at the source, via the router. The opportunity for telcos to create a new revenue stream from our platform is also a welcome bonus,” said Sivan Rauscher, CEO and Co-Founder of SAM.  “Our expansion into Europe and America reflects a growing need worldwide for complete LAN protection as more smart devices are introduced into home and small offices.”  

The announcement comes on the heels of a $12m Series A financing round led by Intel Capital, with participation from Dave Dewalt’s NightDragon, ADT Inc. (NYSE: ADT), and Blumberg Capital. As well as a new Chief Revenue Officer, Pirjo Tuomi comes to SAM with 25-year experience as sales veteran in the telecommunications and cable industry. She has worked with several start-up companies building worldwide teams and driving rapid revenue growth.  

SAM Seamless Network reacts immediately to any new vulnerabilities in real-time, protecting all networks and devices. SAM’s cybersecurity software protects local area networks and all connected devices directly at the source of entry for the ISPs and telcos via the router. The software is installed on top of any gateway (legacy and pre-market), without necessitating additional manpower, has an ultra-light footprint, and does not require any extra hardware or additions to be installed on the connected devices. SAM’s solution can be optimized for any network by customizing security policies according to the connected devices and their behavioral signature, isolating suspicious entities and using advanced AI algorithms in order to detect anomalies. In addition to cybersecurity abilities, SAM helps telcos and cable operators enrich their value proposition for their customers by providing network visibility, management abilities, and parental control. Sam is partnering with telcos and ISP’s not only for security but also for VAS customer advantages.