Secure Swiss Data Launches New Feature: Sending Fully Encrypted Attachments Through Their Mobile Applications

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Jul 06, 2017 01:09 pm PST

Today, Secure Swiss Data, a company that specializes in protecting corporate data and individual privacy through their encrypted email and file sharing services, is launching new feature for their Mobile Apps – sending fully encrypted attachments application.

Every day we share our documents, photos and other files with each other, but the possibility that this data to be stolen makes us feel concerned. Every hour more than 228,405 data records are lost or stolen around the world.

All files flow through the internet from one point to another. Hackers and governments usually get into this data by intercepting the connection and to avoid this, Secure Swiss Data renders files in a code. To crack the code and unlock the encrypted attachments you need a key. End-to-end encryption, as the name implies, leaves the key to the code at either end of a communication so that only the sender and the recipient can ever crack it. Everyone else can still intercept the message with your files but it will be nothing more than gibberish.

So, sending fully encrypted attachments make your private file-sharing over email totally secure.

After the initial launch of the Mobile Apps, on the 31st of May, Secure Swiss Data has released few versions of the Apps with fixed bugs and improved functionality based on users’ feedback.

Now, with the latest version they are releasing a new feature for their users: sending encrypted attachments using Secure Mail App!

  • The attachments can be in absolutely any format
  • There is no limit for the number of attachments
  • Users can attach up to 25MB in the overall email, because of the email size limit

During the next several months they will be releasing more features for the Apps, as well as, the Webmail Encrypted Email App with Productivity Features such as calendar, task manager, notes and secure file sharing.

About Secure Swiss Data: Secure Swiss Data believes that user’s privacy is an essential

prerequisite of their civil liberties and human rights. No one should be allowed to snoop

around their private thoughts, and no global advertising organization should be able to

profit from data mining their communications. Privacy is not about having something to

hide, it’s about the right to control what people want to share and what they want to keep

to themselves.

And, that’s the purpose of why Secure Swiss Data developed end-to-end encrypted email

service, to protect their users and their right to privacy.