Securing Enterprise File Sharing for Pioneer

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“We were afraid of the risks of attacks from hackers, infection by virus and human error before deployment. However, FinalCode’s security is really tight and not only is the encrypted file only available to authorized persons, but usage can be tracked. More so, as a file is taken, it can be deleted remotely. This strong protection really works; FinalCode is the ultimate file security platform.” –Hiroshi Wada, IT Manager of Corporate Planning, Pioneer Service Network Corporation

Ogren Group Assessment

All businesses need to share information with partners to successfully compete; however, no business wants to unknowingly disclose confidential information to unauthorized users. Pioneer has actively responded to this problem by deploying FinalCode file security to maintain control over intellectual property even while it resides outside its network. FinalCode is impressive in its ability to cryptographically secure sensitive files and apply a broad set of entitlement controls inside the network and on remote devices while allowing the customer maximum  freedom in its choices of enterprise content management, cloud storage and collaboration  systems.

Pioneer’s Business Problem

Pioneer shares a large library of confidential information on product designs, sales orders, repairs and business transactions with its worldwide network of business partners. The company needed a security solution to protect its information from exposure to unauthorized users while the sensitive files resided on remote devices, and then have the ability to set permissions, track and at some point unlock or automatically remove the files at the  completion of its business use.

“At that time, with the rapid growth of the maintenance service, PSN was facing an increase in managing confidential data with regards to products and customers,“ says Mr. Hiroshi Wada, Manager of IT System Group, Corporate Development Division. “Although the all files are confidential, it is necessary to share them with partner companies to process the orders and do other work. To cope with each partner’s own IT infrastructure and security policy, a common security system should be integrated to protect confidential information.”

Important success criteria for Pioneer also included:

  • Offer strong file security both inside and outside the network. Pioneer required strong encryption and usage governance that would persist with the file to control authorized and  unauthorized access.
  • Make it intuitive for end-users across multiple organizations to work with sensitive files. People can work with any application, file storage and collaboration tool, and the solution’s security mechanisms need to be as automated and transparent as possible.
  • Work simply with existing partner security architectures. Pioneer was unwilling to impose unreasonable customizations to partner security policies that could delay deployment and negatively impact partner satisfaction.
  • Scale cost-effectively. Pioneer wanted a solution that could easily accommodate large numbers of users and files. They placed great value on an approach that would control administrative expenses as the system scales.

After launching customer support service on Pioneer products, Pioneer also began to offer maintenance services for other electronic products manufacturers. In addition, Pioneer developed additional services, such as consulting, market reporting, and support information delivery in order to enhance the quality of products and services of the Pioneer group. This business would further involve sharing sensitive information.

FinalCode’s Solution

Pioneer was attracted to FinalCode’s patented CryptoEase technology for secure handling of shared files. With CryptoEase, all encryption and decryption is transparently performed locally via the FinalCode client. End users can then share the FinalCode protected files internally or externally however they choose. The file owner can remotely unlock or delete files on demand or the file can be automatically deleted according to policy. FinalCode file security allows  Pioneer and its partners greater flexibility to protect files across various mechanisms of file storage and collaboration.

The FinalCode Server, available as a service or on-premise virtual appliance, holds encryption keys and entitlement restrictions, authenticates users against a directory, conveys usage controls to the FinalCode Client, and tracks usage for comprehensive file activity auditing. FinalCode implemented the solution for Pioneer as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) to enable Pioneer to cost effectively deploy the solution in a short, manageable timeframe. In addition,  the following features were particularly valuable to Pioneer:

  • Extend persistent security controls to sensitive files on remote devices. Pioneer files treated with FinalCode retain access control settings even as the files are saved to local storage. Authorized users can only access shared files via the FinalCode client, assuring Pioneer that FinalCode security cannot be bypassed. Not only that but the available permission settings are extensive, including printing controls on the files they have shared.
  • Automatically delete files from remote devices based on the availability of an updated version or certain access thresholds. Pioneer can transparently delete or replace files with confidential data from remote devices. This reduces support costs associated with partners operating with obsolete information and helps minimize Pioneer’s security risk of inadvertent disclosure.
  • Enhance existing storage and collaboration architectures. FinalCode offers a file security capability that does not adversely affect partner security policies and architectures.
  • Integrate with directories for easy user and team administration of authorized users. FinalCode’s authentication features are driven from existing directory service definitions for individual users and business partners.
  • Expedite adoption of file security policies with the use of templates. Pioneer users can apply file security using pre-defined templates, corporate templates or by placing files in an auto-encryption folder as a routine process. This allows for greater adherence to corporate policy but gives the flexibility for users to apply unique encryption and permissions settings for files requiring special processes.

The Bottom Line Impact

Pioneer selected FinalCode for its ability to enhance security by enabling cryptographically controlled access to proprietary business information with members of the Pioneer Electronics group and its business partners. The FinalCode solution, deployed worldwide by Pioneer and its partners in only one month, has received positive feedback from business partners. Pioneer’s use of FinalCode’s CryptoEase technology has significantly simplified the process of securely protecting many files before they are shared with many internal and external users. As such, Pioneer has reduced data leakages risks and has enhanced data protection confidence for those partners doing business with Pioneer. Pioneer is presently evaluating further applications of FinalCode to replicate its successful security and business benefits.

Many companies have invested in file storage, communication, and collaboration tools and each of these tools has varying degrees of security. The majority of file protection with these systems are based on the premise of either inherent file security when behind the Firewalls, on securely managed devices or as used within the systems’ web-based or device-based containers. The reality is that employees share files in many ways, using both sanctioned and unsanctioned tools. Once the file passes through the Firewall, is downloaded to a compromised system or saved outside a container, it is vulnerable to unauthorized access and is outside the purview of corporate security control.

FinalCode’s approach of putting encryption functions locally and keeping key management, entitlement control and audit functions on a separate platform, provides distinct benefits for enterprises looking to quickly and easily extend file security capabilities and complement existing corporate and personal file sharing mechanisms.

About Pioneer Service Network Corporation

Established in 2000 as a subsidiary of Pioneer Electronics, Pioneer Service Network Corporation (PSN) provides customer support services on electric appliances for Pioneer group companies and other companies all over the world. Moreover, PSN broadened its business scope into consulting on global business expansion, analyzing markets, and reporting capabilities to enhance the capabilities of Pioneer products and services, and as a service for those of other manufacturers.

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FinalCodeFinalCode offers organizations the ultimate means to secure sensitive files wherever they go within and outside the corporate network. Available as a SaaS, virtual appliance or hybrid offering, FinalCode delivers enterprise-grade file security that works with popular applications, file storage, devices, cloud and content management system, and across all communication channels: trusted, untrusted, private or public. The solution allows for user-defined and corporate policy-enforced file security with an extensive array of granular controls and the ability to remotely delete files. The company’s patented CryptoEase™ technology streamlines file security and encryption processes without requiring the user to remember passwords, and by dramatically reducing key management overhead, makes implementation of FinalCode rapid and scalable. Headquartered in San Jose, California, FinalCode offers its solutions through its global network of authorized partners. For more information visit HERE.[/su_box]

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