Security Expert Re: Fortune 500 Company NTT Discloses Hack On Internal Network

The Japanese telecommunications leader NTT disclosed today a security breach in which hackers gained access to their internal network and stole customer data.

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Timothy Chiu
Timothy Chiu , Vice President of Marketing
InfoSec Expert
May 29, 2020 12:15 pm

NTT’s security breach is another indication that criminals are using more and more sophisticated hacks to get confidential data. Like other well-planned attacks, this one appears to have required knowledge of, and access to, multiple systems in order to access the final target.

With this increased level of sophistication used by cyber criminals, organizations should be reminded that they need to have security on every system, including and especially the server where the organization’s assets are located. The latest NIST Framework SP 800-53 draft’s inclusion of RASP as a requirement is a great reminder that security is needed on the application server too.

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