Security Expert Re: NSA Urges Organizations To Patch Top Vulnerabilities Exploited By Russia

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Apr 16, 2021 08:06 am PST

The NSA published an advisory identifying the top 5 vulnerabilities actively exploited by Russian government hackers and urging companies to mitigate as quickly as possible.

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Jayant Shukla
Jayant Shukla , CTO and co-founder
April 16, 2021 4:08 pm

<p>The NSA advisory on these top 5 vulnerabilities is an urgent reminder that organizations should patch these vulnerabilities as soon as possible.  In fact, the easiest way to secure an organization is to keep software up to date and patched.  Unfortunately, patching often takes organizations a significant amount of time due to testing and compliance requirements, so the sooner they can start the process the better off they will be.  For those applications that can be protected during runtime with newer technologies like virtual patching, organizations should implement solutions to keep these vulnerabilities from being exploited. Virtual patching is a feature of runtime application security solutions like RASP (Runtime Application Self-Protection) which has gotten new focus due to its inclusion in the NIST Security and Privacy Framework,  updated by NIST in September of 2020, in SP 800-53 Revision 5.</p>

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