Security Experts re JP Morgan Hack Arrests

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Jul 26, 2015 09:00 pm PST

Authorities arrested four in Israel and Florida, and disclosed a securities fraud scheme tied to the JP Morgan Chase hack. Security experts from VASCO Data Security and STEALTHbits commented on the re JP Morgan Hack Arrests.

John Gunn, VP of Communications, VASCO Data Security :

“Giving these low-level scammers credit for the JPMorgan compromise is analogous to saying that the small-time drug dealer on the corner is a leader of a Mexican drug cartel. If there is a connection, it’s that these guys simply purchased compromised email addresses, of which there are more than a billion available on the dark net, and used them to commit fraud. There is really nothing novel about this, but it does underscore the far-reaching and long-lasting risks generated by any major breach.”

Kevin Foisy, Chief Software Architect and Co-Founder, STEALTHbits :

“In the world of cybercrime, spotting the bad guy is tough. In many cases, companies don’t even know they’ve been breached.  Unlike the physical world where the safe is emptied and the jewels are gone, in the cyber world the assets are stolen but they’re still there.

“But, like in a game of clue, evidence is left behind and security software is getting better and better at piecing the clues together in real time; records in millions of lines of logs are analyzed and analytics engines look for unusual patterns of behavior; a race to detect and prevent the loss from ever happening.

“If the company knows that they’re under attack then measures can be taken to trace and identify the perpetrator or just shut it down, but if you’re dealing with nothing more than after-the-fact records in log files, then usually the best you can hope for is to trace it to a part of the world that it happened in.”[su_box title=”About VASCO Data Security” style=”noise” box_color=”#336588″]VASCO Data SecurityVASCO Data Security is a world leader in authentication and digital signature solutions.  It protects 10,000+ brands and many of the world’s top 100 banks and financial institutions. Leading hospitals and healthcare organizations trust its solutions to protect access to patient data, support e-RX and EHR, and satisfy regulatory compliance.[/su_box][su_box title=”About STEALTHbits Technologies” style=”noise” box_color=”#336588″]stealthbitsSTEALTHbits Technologies is internationally recognized in cyber security and Internet threat detection/prevention. Its access management solutions are used by public & private sector enterprises to block malicious access to unstructured data such as email, file systems, presentations, etc. (≈ 80% of organizational data). By ensuring that only the right people can access large, highly-sensitive data pools, STEALTHbits helps customers cut risks and operational expenses, and fulfill compliance requirements.[/su_box]

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