Server Data Protection for Enterprise CloudOps

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Writer , Information Security Buzz | Dec 15, 2015 07:15 pm PST

Server Data Protection for Enterprise CloudOpsExpands CTERA Enterprise File Services Platform to Feature Cloud-Agnostic Data Protection for Cloud Servers with Automated IT-as-a-Service Delivery

CTERA Networks today announced a fully automated and secure in-cloud and cloud-to-cloud data protection solution that allows enterprises to protect any number of servers across any cloud infrastructure. CTERA Cloud Server Data Protection is designed for enterprise Cloud Operations (CloudOps) teams that have been forced to rethink data protection strategies as they migrate workloads natively within and across clouds in a new era of cloud services and IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS) delivery.

The solution evolves the backup capabilities developed as part of the CTERA Enterprise File Services Platform, and extends its existing endpoint and remote office capabilities to provide a third pillar of in-cloud workloads, all of which are managed from a single pane of glass management console from the cloud infrastructure of an organization’s choice. CTERA Cloud Server Data Protection enables organizations to replace cumbersome and siloed traditional backup solutions that fail to meet the evolving requirements of software-defined cloud operations.

Benefits of the CTERA platform include:

  • A cloud-agnostic backup solution that enables organizations to protect data in their virtual private clouds (VPC) while also leveraging the native object storage service of any cloud (Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud, OpenStack and more) to cost-effectively store backup data. This unique capability frees organizations from being tied to any platform-specific or hypervisor-level data protection offering.
  • A multi-tenant data protection management system capable of protecting thousands of tenants and tens of thousands of servers from a single console – where data is encrypted by the user at the source to eliminate the risk of an administrator recovering sensitive data to the wrong user.
  • A fully-automated service delivery platform that creates dramatic operational efficiency, eliminating the manual IT intervention associated with backup administration by leveraging RESTful APIs, configuration templates and policy-based automated server discovery to easily scale every aspect of ITaaS service requests, service provisioning, chargeback and more.
  • Advanced network and storage efficiency through the use of source-based global deduplication and compression, as well as an incremental-forever data protection architecture that minimizes network and storage costs while also enabling WAN optimized backup for cross-region and cross-cloud data protection.
  • Application-aware data protection tools for application-consistent backup and granular, file-level recovery of Microsoft SQL Server, SharePoint, and other applications running in any cloud infrastructure.

“As enterprise organizations have progressed from backing up remote servers to the cloud to now managing applications entirely within the cloud, there are a host of new architectural and operational considerations for protecting their data,” said Jason Buffington, Data Protection Analyst at ESG. “CTERA has struck a nerve in the market at the right time with a solution that speaks directly to how forward-thinking organizations should be looking at data protection that complements their overall production and protection strategies, where cloud-based agility and economics can come together.”

CTERA Cloud Server Data Protection is a versatile, portable service delivery platform that provides enterprises with full flexibility and control of their data and data security, as well as their budget. With CTERA, organizations can “bring their own” cloud and object storage services, and pay as little as $0.01/GB/month for storage infrastructure, representing more than 60 to 80 percent cost savings compared to traditional backup appliances.

The CTERA Enterprise File Services Platform already protects tens of thousands of servers for several global customers across a wide range of industries, including Fortune 1000 insurance providers, advertising conglomerates, auto manufacturers, telecommunications companies and one of the largest U.S. city governments. The CTERA platform is designed to address the complete spectrum of enterprise data and is the only solution to combine storage, data protection and collaboration tools for any endpoint, remote office or cloud application. It is a unified Storage-as-a-Service delivery platform that can be securely deployed entirely from the secure cloud of a customer’s choice.

“By 2016, nearly 75 percent of all enterprises will have implemented a hybrid cloud computing strategy1. The last 10 years of data protection advancements for virtual environments go out the window when enterprises can no longer manage infrastructure at the hypervisor level,” said Liran Eshel, CEO and co-founder of CTERA. “Traditional tools were not designed to natively leverage the advantages of cloud infrastructure and do not adhere to the basic principles of cloud orchestration and automation. We are happy to take a leadership position in enabling adoption of hybrid and ‘all-in’ cloud strategies by providing a truly unique, cloud-native and yet cloud-agnostic platform for data-protection as a service delivery.”


CTERA enables enterprises to securely sync, share, protect and govern files from any device, server or remote office, all from the private or virtual private cloud of their choice. Trusted by the Fortune 100 and leading service providers, CTERA provides industry’s most secure approach to file services, with the widest choice of use cases and infrastructure options to enable the IT-as-a-Service transformation.

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