Snowden Classified Data Theft was Avoidable, Says Cyber Security Firm

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Aug 13, 2013 11:27 pm PST

The Snowden incident where, according to the New York Times (21Jun2013), a government intelligence worker was able to easily copy and disseminate large amounts of highly sensitive and classified data, highlights one of the fundamental problems of legacy cyber security thinking,” said Ed Brinskele, CEO of Vir2us, Inc., in his most recent Cyber Insights blog, Mr. Brinskele reviews the Snowden alleged espionage incident in light of next-generation cyber security technology, which the government is trying to adopt, according to Cyber Insights.

“The cost of this failing is astronomical and is one of the reasons that everyone, not just a particular country or political party, should be concerned about big government,” says Brinskele. He goes on to say that the technology for locking up large amounts of digital information assets, while still making it available for legitimate purposes by legitimate users, has been available for some time now from innovative technology firms. However, the Federal Government has no real process for connecting with these types of companies or assimilating these technologies. Asking innovative companies to participate in a protracted, expensive and bureaucratic procurement process is what Brinskele calls a “marketing mismatch”. His Cyber Insights blog goes on to say that many firms, including banks, power utilities, oil, gas and water pipeline companies have this same vulnerability that allowed the Snowden incident to occur.