Sumo Logic Aims to Make PCI Compliance Easier for Enterprises

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Jul 06, 2014 05:05 pm PST

PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance is a complicated, but necessary part of any organization’s IT security strategy if they process cardholder information. And the stakes have never been higher as the cost of security breaches and cybercrime continue to escalate.

Sumo Logic, the next generation machine data intelligence company, is now offering the Sumo Logic Application for PCI (Payment Card Industry) Compliance. The purpose-built application is an extension of the company’s Enterprise Security Analytics solutions and helps organizations of any size meet the stringent PCI Data Security Standards. This new application, combined with the power of the underlying Sumo Logic platform to detect anomalous events in real-time and reduce Mean Time to Identification (MTTI) by turning logs into meaningful patterns, helps organizations strengthen their security and compliance posture. The Sumo Logic application for PCI compliance is included in the company’s enterprise edition service.

Kartuku, Indonesia’s leading payment service provider, implemented Sumo Logic’s PCI application. Rama Notowidigo, CTO at Kartuku stated: “Our distributed, high-availability environment requires predictive, real-time event monitoring to meet stringent PCI requirements. Sumo Logic plays a critical role in making that happen and provides in-depth diagnosis that helps us improve our overall security posture for business success.”

With the Sumo Logic application for PCI compliance, organizations can:

-Rapidly uncover compliance events with real-time, end-to-end infrastructure monitoring.
-Leverage 58 pre-built searches, 13 dashboards and 82 reports that visually demonstrate PCI requirements.
-Automatically adapt to changing compliance needs with a cloud-based service that routinely adjusts to current regulations without requiring any customer effort.
-Implement ad-hoc and automated audit workflows.
-Reduce the cost and time associated with compliance audits.

“Demonstrating continuous adherence with PCI and other compliance standards is a priority for CloudPassage. Sumo Logic helps us meet compliance with a unified view of our infrastructure, strengthens real-time monitoring, and meets log review and retention requirements, which shortens audit cycles,” said Bart Westerink, Director of Security and Compliance at CloudPassage. “By ingesting and monitoring logs from any workloads, Sumo Logic perfectly complements the CloudPassage Halo Security Platform which secures workloads anywhere, at any scale, as-a-service.

With Sumo Logic, IT can successfully and easily execute end-to-end machine data analytics and future-proof their investment through a cloud-based service that automatically adapts to changing data types and compliance needs.

“With the increase in highly-sophisticated and publicized credit card data breaches, we are doubling down on delivering the best-in-class security analytics solutions to our customers,” said Vance Loiselle, CEO of Sumo Logic. “Continuous demonstration of PCI compliance is an extremely complex and costly pursuit for organizations and our PCI application helps address this challenge with real-time, proactive monitoring, pre-built searches and dashboards. Offering premium solutions focused on security, operations and business insights within a single service also puts us in a differentiated position in the market.”

By Sanjay Sarathy, CMO at Sumo Logic

sanjay_sarathySanjay Sarathy is the chief marketing officer at Sumo Logic, joining the company with over seventeen years of marketing, business development and community building experience in both SaaS and enterprise software environments. Prior to Sumo Logic, he was at Vindicia, a SaaS company that provided an online subscription billing platform for companies selling digital content and services.