Survey Finds Electric Vehicle Cybersecurity Fears

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Mar 04, 2022 02:46 am PST

Reportedly, about 15% of small and medium-sized businesses had leased or purchased electric cars for commercial applications. However, only 77% of them believed that EVs would become victims of hackers, ransomware, and other breaches when they were hooked up to public charging stations.

Zogby Analytics conducted a survey among small and medium-sized business owners to evaluate their attitudes and experiences about cybersecurity and habits. The majority of the respondents worked in the business and consulting services, retail, infrastructure and construction, and healthcare industries. The survey found that almost half of business owners were “somewhat or very concerned” about cyberattacks.

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Chris Clark
Chris Clark , Automotive Security Software Platform Architect
March 4, 2022 10:46 am

For small businesses, fuel costs are a real concern, and the draw of reduced operational costs through the use of EVs is very compelling. On the flip side of this coin, businesses are also justly concerned about key components of their business being compromised as they implement more and more internet connected resources—such as EVs. Many organisations will look to insurance coverage to protect themselves. With the “504 individuals surveyed (44%) [who] said that they were worried about their vehicles’ data, software or operating systems being damaged or destroyed by malware” the concern is real and companies like HSB are taking notice.

While insurance provides financial protection, business owners are the front line of defence. Making informed decisions on which EV solution to purchase is the first priority, and it’s also imperative that these businesses keep up to date on software versions and service notices. Manufactures are beginning to see that insurance and consumer ratings are making security an aspect in purchasing, especially for fleet vehicles. Ultimately manufacturers must continue to address cybersecurity risk in the development of their hardware and software solutions to protect their brand.

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