Syrian Electronic Army Hacked Skype Social Media Accounts

The Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) were once again in the news being held responsible for targeting Skype’s social media accounts. Though a Skype spokesperson assured us that no user’s information has been compromised yet and regret for any user inconvenience.

The attack was done on Skype’s Twitter account, blog, and Facebook page. The Skype blog was still not accessible by users and redirected to Skype’s homepage. SEA also tweeted a message on Skype’s account regarding their use of Microsoft email services.


SEA believe and warns users indirectly about using Hotmail and outlook email services, as these services provide user information to the government without the awareness of its users. This attack seems to be linked with revelations of Edward Snowden about NSA surveillance report that accessed real time user data of many internet companies. SEA also revealed information about Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer with a message: You should thank Microsoft for observing your account and emails with these details.



Hence, Microsoft along with other companies like Google and Facebook tried to convince the whole world that Microsoft was not a part of NSA surveillance activity.  However, after this statement, Guardian news revealed that Microsoft was helping NSA to decrypt emails and Skype conversations.  The SEA group does support Syria’s president Bashar al-Assad and has already hacked many high profile sites and Twitter accounts.

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