The Fundamentals Of COVID-19 Risk Assessment

By   Professor John Walker
Visiting Professor , Trent University (NTU) | Jul 06, 2020 03:55 am PST

Like most during the coronavirus pandemic, and the resulting COVID-19 infections, I like the majority of responsible people have been applying the rules, and taking care to do my bit to mitigate the travelling viral conditions for the sake of getting back to normal (or to be correct to the New Normal). However, sadly there would seem to be some within our communities who feel the enforced rules simply do not apply to them! Thus, do we consider such members of our society to be reckless, careless, ignorant, or basically uneducated – or is it a mix of all four?

Moving on, the observations made above are derived from my social locality where people have, for example, hosted large scale parties, in locations in which social distancing (I understand) was far removed from the recommended government guidelines. However, what has boiled my blood to the point of sitting down and putting key-to-screen is the Cyber Security Summit to be run in Sao Paulo Brazil in July 2020 – a part of the world which has been hit with the very worst state of global infection with an associated  sad recorded, known-known death rate of 100,000 COVID-19 victims who have lost their lives (RIP). Am I really to believe that security professionals would invite delegates to attend and speak at such a high risk location – is it a case of commercialisation overtaking security prowess, or is it that there is a gross misunderstanding of what the word ‘Security’ really stands for? 

Do the math on this problem – you are the CISO at a large UK based company when one of your valued key Cyber Security Team members comes into your office and requests to attend the said Brazilian based event. The CISO being a professional security person runs a mind based risk assessment based on their known-known knowledge and facts, and arrives at a decision – question is, can you guess what that decision was?