Limp Facebook Policies – Do They Ignore Suffering And Crime!


In my personal experience, I am well aware that, if you (I) say anything on Facebook that goes a little against their policies, they are very quick to act – blocking, warning, or removing said comments (which in my case related to Putin, and what should be done with him); or other such opinions, many […]

The Road To Valhalla – The Urgency For Cyber Change

Anyone with any involvement in the world of, what we call Cyber Security, will attest that the world may be moving backwards when we consider the number of successful, high-profile attacks which take place on almost a daily basis, impacting the lives of the ordinary users who are dependent on the sustainability of the digital […]

Part 2: Practices, Procedures And Mitigations

Fake EFF Domain to Serve Espionage Malware

In Part 1 published by Information Security Buzz 25th May 2022, the article considered aspects of historic threats posed by all forms of malevolence in the form logical, digital compromise, and looked back to the past encountered threats resulting from Malware and other more costly situations, such as the loss of Crypto Currency through some […]

Part 1: Historic To 2022 – The Threat Of Malevolence

Vigilant Cybersecurity Requires a Security Operations Center

Whilst the conceptual and academic discussions around dangerous forms of code have been on the agenda of decades past, it was in 1983 when the bright young student, Fred Cohen (who I think of as a distant friend) created the first prototype virus, followed in the mid-eighties when the Sunday Times ran a very small […]

Number ‘100’ And Scams

Customer Data has been Stolen

This is my one hundredth Article for those nice people at Information Security Buzz (hence the title), and whilst I was pondering on which topic to write on next, along came a subject falling directly into my lap in the form of a blatant scam – followed by others – which I felt was of […]

The 2022+ Fit-for-Purpose OSINT Toolkit In The Age Of Digital Risk Growth

For about a decade now, I have both practiced and taught, what has, up to 2022, seemingly been considered a Grey Art – that of Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT), and its related methodologies in the UK, the UAE, Pakistan, India, and the Far East for Commercials, Industrials, Government, Police Authorities, and Military Agencies, and in that […]

The Subject Of Trusting ‘Russian’ Applications

As many readers of Information Security Buzz articles may already be aware, I have had published two articles about ‘Trust’ in relation to Russian applications, and as such I have set on a personal course to remove all links with such companies, relinquished partnerships, and have removed all said applications of origin from all my […]

Trust In The New Age Of The Cold War

The sad kinetic situation of the Russian war in Ukraine has created much instability on the world stage – observing the fallout of human tragedies and loss of life – facts we are all very much aware of and tuned into from the daily reports from the media. However, there are several unknown unknowns, of […]

Russian Software Security And The Risk You Run

Enterprise Visibility into Threats and Vulnerabilities

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC, a part of GCHQ) has warned UK organisations and consumers to consider the risk of using Russian technologies amid the ongoing war in Ukraine, and the change in attitude of the Russian Leadership toward the West. The NCSC went on to add comment that Russian firms may be compelled […]

Thew POWER Of OSINT (Open-Source Intelligence)

What has become so obvious during the sad events unfolding in Ukraine is the power of OSINT, discovering the facts through available multiple sources of verifiable intelligence – ranging from social-media titbits, images, news items, and other sources of intelligence born out of Flight Tracking applications, through to MetaData, and EXIF data extracts. For example, […]