John is the Principle at Shadow-Intelligence (Si), partnering with PALISCOPE, BreachAware and iStorage. He is a Visiting Professor at the School of Science and Technology, Nottingham, Trent University (NTU) and holds the appointment of Editor in Chief for the International Journal of Cyber Forensics and Advanced Threat Investigations (CFATI). For the last decade he has delivered training courses in the Middle, and Far East to Commercial, Industrial, the Financial Services Sector, and Military Agencies, including the UAE, US, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia (KL), Singapore, Argentina, and Sao Paulo

He served in the Royal Air Force 22 years’, specialising in Counterintelligence, working with UK Agencies such as GCHQ/CESG, and others in the fields of SIGINT, COMINT and Satellite Communications, holding appointments such as System ITSO for a CIA SCIF.

In the commercials sectors of IT/Cyber he has worked for/with Logica, Bae, T5, GM, Experian, Betfair, Palace of Westminster, House of Lords/Commons, TSol (Treasury Solicitors) and provided Consultancy to the Saudi Arabian MOD, TRA (Telecommunications Authority (Dubai) and the Military Academy of Malaysia (KL) on SOC, CSIRT, Digital Forensics and OSINT. Within the last 5 years he has focused on Geopolitics, with global expertise around the UAE and Russia, Anti-Terrorist Operations (ATO), Cyber-Warfare, Dezinformatsiya (Disinformation) and Maskirovka (Military Deception).

Articles and Comments By Professor John Walker

Expert Commentary
Security Breaches Are On The Rise, Here’s How Verified Identities Can Help
September 13 , 2023 by Professor John Walker
As I have always said - it is verified trust that serves security, and not the zero trust approach....
Expert Commentary
Why It’s Time To Remove Local Admin Rights For The Safety Of Organisations
September 12 , 2023 by Professor John Walker
An age old issue - I need admin to carry out my duties - No, you need admin to carry out admin tasks...
Expert Commentary
Board And CISO Disconnect on Cybersecurity Preparedness 'Rings Alarm Bells'– Expert Comments
September 12 , 2023 by Professor John Walker
There has been disconnect for years, and I am wondering if the CISO is as effective as it should be....
Expert Commentary
Insider Threat Protection And Modern DLP
August 09 , 2023 by Professor John Walker
It may be that, we don't account for the Insider Threat born out of lackluster security, too much fo...
Expert Commentary
Ready Or Not, Web 3 Is Coming And With It Comes Cybersquatting 2.0
October 11 , 2022 by Professor John Walker
I feel the squatting will be massive with NFT's...
Expert Commentary
Comment: DuckDuckgo Browser Allows Microsoft Trackers Due To Search Agreement
May 29 , 2022 by Professor John Walker
Very sorry to here this. That is the top of the blade that demonstrates that DuckFoGo have sold out...
Expert Commentary
Russian Hackers Target Washington DC Police Department
April 29 , 2021 by Professor John Walker
Expert Commentary
Cyber Security Predictions 2021: Experts' Responses
November 23 , 2020 by Professor John Walker
The dark science of OSINT will start to be used as a proactive mechanism to predict the future poten...
Expert Commentary
2020 Cybersecurity Landscape: 100+ Experts' Predictions
November 20 , 2019 by Professor John Walker
Sadly, what we have encountered thus far in the world of Cyber Insecurity in 2019, I expect 2020 wil...