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Data reveals the top 10 cities for Technology

  • A new study from Business Fibre reveals the best cities to be a tech student around the world
  • London ranks highest as the overall winner, offering the highest number of universities with technology & engineering courses (36) as well as boasting the highest number of Tech companies 509300
  • Jerusalem tops the list as the city investing the most money into tech-related research (4.8% of the countries GDP)

October 2020: A new index by Business Fibre has analyzed 34 of the world’s Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) capital cities to find 2020’s best cities to be a tech student. The index has analyzed each city according to metrics such as the number of universities offering technology and engineering courses, total tech companies and employees in each city, the monthly living cost, and the top cities investing in tech-related research. See the index here.

The top 10 cities to be a tech student

To find the world’s top cities to study technology, we have ranked each city according to a series of metrics to find the overall winners for those looking to start their career in technology.

The metrics explored include budget spent on tech-related research, the number of people employed in professional, scientific, and technical sectors, tech companies, monthly living costs as well as the number of top universities offering technology and engineering courses.

Introducing the top 10 cities to be a tech student…

  1. London, UK
  2. Berlin, Germany
  3. Jerusalem, Israel
  4. Bern, Switzerland
  5. Seoul, Korea
  6. Stockholm, Sweden
  7. Paris, France
  8. Canberra, Australia
  9. Rome, Italy
  10. Tokyo, Japan

Top cities contributing to tech research

Exploring Technology research spend, the study also finds the top cities that are consistently investing in technology research. This has been calculated by looking at the % of the total GDP spent on research.

Rank City Research Spend (% of total GDP)
1 Jerusalem, Israel 4.8
2 Seoul, Korea 4.3
3 Bern, Switzerland 3.4
4 Stockholm, Sweden 3.4
5 Tokyo, Japan 3.2
6 Berlin, Germany 3.1
7 Copenhagen, Denmark 3.1
8 Vienna, Austria 3
9 Helsinki, Finland 2.7
10 Brussels, Belgium 2.7

The highest-ranking city is Jerusalem, which ranks high across all metrics and is the 3rd best city for tech students overall. The top three cities for tech-related research also include Seoul, spending 4.3% of the GDP, followed by Bern at 3.4. All three cities also rank high for the best universities and overall top cities for tech students.

Top 10 universities to study technology worldwide

Based on the top 10 cities to be a tech student, we wanted to find the best universities in each city for aspiring students. To find the best universities BusinessFibre looked at metrics such as the total number of students, faculty staff, and the number of international students. This alongside each university’s global subject ranking for Engineering and Technology makes up the top 10 tech universities in the world. The monthly cost of living has also been included so that students can be sure they’re studying at the best overall tech university.

Rank University Worldwide ranking (Engineering and Tech 2020) City
1 Imperial College London 7 London, UK
2 Technical University of Munich 25 Berlin, Germany
3 Technion – Israel Institute of Technology 179 Jerusalem, Israel
4 ETH Zurich – Swiss Federal Institute of Technology 4 Bern, Switzerland
5 Seoul National University 22 Seoul, Korea
6 KTH Royal Institute of Technology 30 Stockholm, Sweden
7 Ecole Polytechnique 57 Paris, France
8 The Australian National University 71 Canberra, Australia
9 Sapienza University of Rome 127 Rome, Italy
10 The University of Tokyo 21 Tokyo, Japan

Comment from Ian Wright: “With technology arguably being the fastest growing and most profitable industry in the world, we wanted to find the best cities in the world to be a tech student as well as the top cities funding technology-related research.  

It’s clear from the research that London, Berlin, and Jerusalem are the best cities for students, while Seoul and Bern join Jerusalem at the top for investing in technology-related research. 

For those who don’t want to spend a ton of money on their education, Seoul National University is a great option that offers a lower living cost while still having a good global university ranking.”

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