Tripwire On Skyrocketing DDoS Attacks

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Jul 31, 2016 07:34 pm PST

DDoS attacks have been gaining momentum over the last quarter as Nexusguard confirms in their DDoS Threat report that shows DDoS reflection attacks have soared 80% in Q2 alone. Lamar Bailey, Senior Director of Security R&D at Tripwire commented below.

Lamar Bailey, Senior Director of Security R&D at Tripwire:

Lamar Bailey“DDoS reflection attacks are popular because they hide the true attacker and exploit common UDP services. When an attacker uses DNS, mDNS, or NTP they can amplify their attacks by tricking the services to “respond” to spoofed addresses with large amounts of data while the attacker stays hidden and watches the turmoil. Like all DDoS attacks the best protection is upstream at the ISP or gateways of an organization where the network hardware is designed to quickly process and drop traffic. If the traffic makes it to the intended servers it will likely result in the outages intended by the attacker.”

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