UK law enforcement and businesses are losing the “cyber arms race”

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Jul 10, 2016 05:20 pm PST

With the news from the National Crime Agency (NCA) that UK law enforcement and businesses are losing the “cyber arms race” with online attackers, Anomali commented below.

Jonathan Martin, EMEA Operations Director at Anomali:

jonathan martin“Organisations must come to terms with the fact that cyber criminals are going to continue, and it’s the aggressor who decides the terms of engagement. But defence wins that game through a war of attrition, upping the costs and sophistication necessary to obtain the information by requiring the aggressor to squeeze through too many choke points.

“Large military organisations would never dream of going into battle without legions of highly trained, highly skilled troops – and we as defenders of the security realm need to take a similar view. Attacks nowadays can be over extremely quickly, so having highly trained security teams ready to go, with the necessary knowledge and the right tools to make the right decisions under stressful situations means that the impact of the attack can be greatly reduced.

“We all know that the bad guys share Intelligence on how to break into a network all the time – we (as good guys) need to start doing the same, to share Intelligence between ourselves in real time about who the attackers are, where they live and what techniques they typically use. Understanding the tactics and techniques used by the attackers and pulling in threat intelligence from as many sources as possible ensures that the vulnerability or exposure of a company can be reduced down from many months to just minutes and hours.”