UK On Brink Of Russian Cyber Attack With Fears Putin Will Hit Britain As Soon As World Cup

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Jul 08, 2018 10:33 am PST

Earlier this morning, news broke that British spies are on high alert for President Putin to launch another targeted assault on UK infrastructure — or even order a fresh assassination attempt.

Andrew Lloyd, President at Corero Network Security:

“I can’t imagine that Russia or indeed England are going to enjoy being eliminated from the competition.There is the prospect of a Russia vs. England semi-final. Again, I could imagine that the sore losers from that may look to vent their frustrations.

“The World Cup connection apart, this just continues the frequent assertion by politicians and government security agencies that Nation State (sponsored) attacks are a genuine part of the cyber-threat landscape.

“It is timely that the NIS Regulations came in to force last month. The new regulations combined with these dire warnings should spur all operators of essential services to upgrade their defences. We applaud the latest resilience guidance and planned stress-testing of UK banks announced last month by the Bank of England and the NCSC.  The Bank of England’s “resist and recover” directive places heavy emphasis on the need of the banks to be able to “resist” all but the most extreme cyber-attacks.

“All operators of essential services will need real-time defences if they are to resist the attacks.  With DDoS being a key part of the cyber-arsenal used by attackers, real-time DDoS protection should now be an essential component of their cyber-defences.”