UK Robotics Research Gets £17.3m Pledge

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Feb 27, 2017 07:15 pm PST

Following news that UK robotics research will get a £17.3m pledge from government, Paul Canberra vice president EMEA at BMC Software commented below on the need for a shift in debate when it comes to robotics in the workplace.

Paul Cant, Vice President EMEA at BMC Software:

Paul Cant“It is clear that robotics, automation and artificial intelligence are set to change many aspects of the traditional workplace, as this weekend’s pledge from the UK government reveals. As with any industrial revolution in history, we need to remember that whilst some jobs will be lost, new ones will be created if employers take tangible steps now to upskill their workforce and create a culture of innovation. It is encouraging to think that if a greater education on robotics can be implemented at university level, then many of the scaremongering headlines we are seeing in the press can be muted.

From a workplace perspective, the true mark of responsive leadership today is in offering the training and a new workplace culture that can prepare people for the digital shift. Our recent research conducted with Opinion Life reveals that 88% of employees surveyed globally, feel that this responsibility lies firmly with their employer. Creating an environment where new innovations, skills and ideas can flourish will be the key for ensuing that humans and robotics can work side by side in the future.”

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