Ukraine Blocks Major VPNFilter Attack Against Chemical Plant

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Jul 18, 2018 07:30 am PST

The Ukrainian Secret Service (SBU) said today it stopped a cyber-attack with the VPNFilter malware on a chlorine distillation plant in the village of Aulska, in the Dnipropetrovsk region.
Commenting on the news are the following security professionals:

Craig Young, Security Researcher at Tripwire:

Consumer routers show up in very unexpected places at times but critical infrastructure is certainly the last place I’d expect to find them. Due to the lack of details provided by Ukranian Secret Service, it is not possible to know which devices may have been compromised with VPNFilter malware and what they were being used for in this plant. It is possible that the infected systems were routers in the homes of employees who remotely access the facility or that the plant may have had some affected network storage devices.

Another big question is when this attack took place and whether this means that VPNFilter has already evolved since the recent FBI shutdown of the botnet’s command and control system. It is possible that VPNFilter has been revived with a more robust operation targeting a wider range of devices including more enterprise-centric devices.

Tim Erlin, VP of Product Management & Strategy at Tripwire:

If your business has an industrial control system footprint now is the time to evaluate how you’re securing that environment. Industrial companies have accepted the reality that digital threats can have tangible consequences. This perception is perhaps heightened by recent attacks that were specifically designed to affect physical operations and have proven capable of doing so. It is vital that organizations properly secure their critical infrastructure by  investing in robust cybersecurity strategies that involve proper foundations of critical security controls and layers of defense. Failure to do so will result in a major breach that will cause catastrophic failure, which is a significant concern (link to survey) among security professionals as a critical disaster could result in significant loss of life.

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