US Poll Results Possibly Rigged

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Nov 24, 2016 09:00 am PST

Following the news that a group of renowned computer scientists and lawyers have urged HillaryClinton to challenge the election results in three key states after they gathered “evidence” to suggest the election results were potentially manipulated, Cris Thomas, strategist at Tenable Network Security commented below.

Cris Thomas, Strategist at Tenable Network Security:

cris-thomas“The recent allegations of voting impropriety by high profile voting right attorneys and computer scientists are alarming. However, so far no actual evidence of voting computer hacking has been presented. The group has stated that they will release their eighteen page report on Monday, giving everyone a long holiday weekend to fret over what their data shows or doesn’t show.

“Regardless of what the report shows we need to have a serious conversation about how the United States will conduct future elections. Having doubt cast on the results even if unfounded can be detrimental to the future of our democracy. For the short term we should focus on VVPATs (Voter Verified Paper Audit Trails) for the longer term we need to design procedures and protocols for voting computer security that can be trusted enough that no doubt can be cast on the results.

“So far the only detail that has been disclosed is that there there are irregularities in the voting results from certain areas of three states that used DRE (direct-recording electronic) voting machines. Irregularities like these may be completely normal and probably do not indicate that the voting computers were tampered with in any way.

“Without being able to look at the actual data it is difficult to make any sort of determination, however, the people involved in this group are highly respected computer scientists and experts in voting security forensics. While I understand the alarm, we should all just wait until Monday and examine the actual data before rushing to a conclusion.”

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