Vulnerabilities in Data Security in Big Data World

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Dec 01, 2015 06:00 pm PST

Data security ‘was & is & will be’ always pivot for any organization dealing with data. Now the question is which company does not deal with data. Simple answer to this question is ‘None’. Hence data security continues to be pivotal to success of any company irrespective of the industry, domain or sector. With hackathons becoming call of the season, world’s leading hackers are invited to break into the systems of the Fortune 100 companies who boast of extremely robust security systems.

Hackers have hacked driverless Google cars by jamming the steering wheel & showcased the risk of demanding bounty from passengers if the science of hacking is made public. Airline passenger hacker dropped the flight a few meters to show the loopholes in the airlines security system. While this sends shivers down the spine, this also brings a plethora of opportunity for companies to fix their security holes by paying bounty to hackers who help them surface major security flaws. Imagine a thief hacking into our smart home in a smart way & breakthrough the security to capture sensitive information. Whenever & wherever there is IOT & data, there is a risk of data security.

Data security is set to outsmart every other profession because of two major disruptions in today’s technological world – Internet of Things & Big Data. The pace at which devices are connecting & speaking with other devices is mind boggling. Starting from wearable devices to industry heavy machinery. By 2020, experts forecast that 50 Billion devices will be connected around the globe. The overwhelming surge of data is no longer new discussion agenda. The burst in data will only increase further, increasing the need for data security & data privacy. Cryptography algorithms which were considered to be so robust that it would take 100 years to decrypt an encryted message, fallen in wrong hands, even with the sophisticated super computers, is now statement of past. Number of years have been brought down from 100 years to 5 years with the pace at which processing speed has grown & become a commodity.

Organizations and Governments across the globe should invest significant time, money and energy in designing robust data security frameworks. Data security professionals will be more in demand than the sexiest job of 21st century (Data scientist). World will be gazing into the dark for help with the skill gap increasing beyong imagination. Top notch training & consulting providers such as ExcelR Solutions is scaling up to help the organizations across globe meet the demand by imbibing the data security skills into the professionals. The practical-oriented training, delivered by professionals from industry, from the best B-schools such as ISB, IIM & technical giants such as IIT will enable aspirants to rule the world.

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