Wendy’s Breach 3x Scope Previously Reported

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Jul 11, 2016 04:40 pm PST

Following the news about Wendy’s breach 3x scope previously reported, Brad Bussie, Director of Product Management, STEALTHbits commented below.

Brad Bussie, Director of Product Management at STEALTHbits:

Brad-Bussie“Based on the information coming out of Wendy’s, a different and difficult strategy should be considered. What they have shown over the past six months is that the scope of the malware infection is still unknown. They have a moving malware target that has grown from 300 locations, to five percent of locations, and now 1000 locations. When a company can no longer trust its end point servers operating globally, drastic actions may be in order. The most logical thing to do in this instance is to invest in protecting your brand and deploy new servers to all Wendy’s locations. The damage the malware has caused and will continue to cause can’t be assigned a simple monetary value. The reputation of Wendy’s is at stake and the quickest and most controlled way to eradicate the hack is to decommission the current stores infrastructure. This approach will need precise orchestration as none of the existing systems can be allowed to talk to the newly deployed systems. Laser focus is required to make sure the new servers are deployed with the latest protection, including blocking internet browsing, disallowing the use of removable devices, and tightly controlling store administrative access. Wendy’s depends heavily on ranching and farming. To borrow an analogy from crop growing, when the breadth and depth of an infestation is unknown, it makes the most sense to burn your fields, till the earth, and start over.”

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