World’s 10 Hottest Cybersecurity Companies to Watch in 2016

By   Steve Morgan
Founder of Cybersecurity Ventures and Editor-in-Chief at Cybercrime Magazine , Cybersecurity Ventures | Mar 01, 2016 06:00 pm PST

Cybersecurity Ventures announces the Cyber Top 10 for 2016, a global compilation of the leading companies who provide cybersecurity solutions and services. The ten companies sit atop the Cybersecurity 500, which is published quarterly by Cybersecurity Ventures.

The Cybersecurity industry is growing from $75 Billion in 2015 to $170+ Billion in 2020, according to consolidated estimates by IT research firms and analysts. There are many new entrants as well as M&A, investment and IPO activity, that is constantly changing the vendor and service provider landscape.

The Cybersecurity 500 creates awareness and recognition for the most innovative cybersecurity companies – ranging from the largest and most recognizable brands, to VC backed start-ups and emerging players, to small firms with potentially game-changing technologies, to solution providers poised for growth around productized or vertically focused services.

  • root9B Tops the List

The No. 1 position is reserved for an emerging young pure play cyber firm who personifies the battle against cyber threats and adversaries.

root9B, a root9B Technologies Company (OTCQB: RTNB), is a cybersecurity consulting and operational support firm with corporate headquarters in Colorado Springs, Colo., and regional offices in San Antonio, Texas, New York City, N.Y., and Charlotte, N.C., plus local cyber staff in other U.S. and international regions.

“We are honored to be recognized as the Cybersecurity 500’s top cyber firm” says Eric Hipkins, CEO at root9B. “This shift of pure play cyber companies clearly documents the requirement for innovative, security-for-a-service companies.”

  • RSA Selected as Most Trustworthy Brand

The No. 2 selection goes to the most trustworthy cybersecurity brand.

RSA, founded in 1982 and now a division of EMC Corp., is an information security pioneer and one of the longest standing companies in our industry. More than 30,000 customers use RSA products for security operations, governance, risk and compliance (GRC), identity and access management (IAM), fraud prevention, and cybersecurity framework. One of the biggest and most loyal partner networks resells and implements RSA security solutions globally.

RSA organizes the annual RSA Conference, which is the world’s largest and most respected info security event.

  • IBM Security is the Fastest Growing Business

No. 3 on the Cyber Top 10 list is the fastest growing company.

IBM Security generated $2 billion in revenues for 2015, up 12 percent over the previous year. Big Blue’s security unit was organized four years ago and provides the most comprehensive portfolio of services and products covering security operations and intelligence, cloud, mobile, IAM, network, endpoint, mainframe, application, and data security, and fraud protection.

IBM has built up an impressive business and technology framework for sustained growth and strategic acquisitions.

  • Dell SecureWorks Leads the MSSP Market

The No. 4 company is the Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) market leader.

SecureWorks, founded in 1999 and acquired by Dell in 2011, was an early mover who helped define the managed security services market. Today the company provides its services to more than 4,100 clients in 61 countries. With a single minded focus on outsourced cloud and managed security services, SecureWorks is on track to continue trailblazing in the 24x7x365 cloud security space.

Dell SecureWorks is planning an initial public offering (IPO) in 2016 and the company said it would trade on NASDAQ under the stock symbol SCWX.

  • Palo Alto Networks is the Most Innovative NGFW Player

The most innovative next generation firewall (NGFW) company gets the nod for No. 5.

Palo Alto Networks has built up a business that is approaching $1 billion in annual revenues – on the strength of its NGFW and related products and services. The fast growing company has more than 28,000 customers in over 160 countries who rely on Palo Alto firewalls and network security solutions to protect against cyber threats.

The financial markets have rewarded Palo Alto Networks for its innovation and growth – and the company is consistently one of the top stock picks by investors and analysts who cover the cybersecurity industry.

  • Cisco is the Top Network Security Company

The top end to end network security company is No. 6 on the Cyber Top 10.

Cisco provides the widest and deepest suite of network security solutions with its access control and policy, advanced malware, email security, NGFW, intrusion prevention, router and switch security, security management, VPN security, and web security products.

The Cisco security unit is a $1.75 billion business that is trending up and appears to have no limits in a cybersecurity market that will see approximately $100 billion in new spending over the next five years.

  • Fortinet Leads the Way in Security Appliances

No. 7 is the leading network security appliances vendor.

Fortinet is a billion dollar plus worldwide provider of turnkey security appliances for cloud providers and MSSPs, mobile carriers, small businesses, large corporations, and government entities globally. Fortinet’s physical and virtual appliance products provide a broad array of security and networking functions, including firewall, VPN, antivirus, intrusion prevention, Web filtering, anti-spam, and WAN acceleration.

With one platform and one operating system for IoT, mobile, and cloud security — spanning email, web, endpoint, sandbox, and NGFW — Fortinet should continue leading in the appliances sector for the foreseeable future.

  • BT Security Paves New Ground in Situational Awareness

The No. 8 spot is for the top situational awareness innovator.

BT Security, a division of British Telecommunications Plc (BT), a subsidiary of BT Group, broke new ground in the situational awareness market in 2015 with the launch of its BT Assure Cyber service. The platform combines cutting edge risk analysis and cyber threat detection and prevention tools with BT’s security experts, its partners who add their own services, and a managed services model for corporations and government agencies globally.

The cost of data breaches are expected to quadruple and reach $2 trillion by 2019, according to Juniper Research. BT’s Cyber Assure alongside its other security products and services positions BT Security as the top listed international (non-U.S) company on the Cyber Top 10.

  • FireEye is the Most Comprehensive Cyber Defense Provider

No. 9 on the list is designated for the most comprehensive provider of cyber defense services.

FireEye provides a full suite of emergency and assessment services which have been designed around detecting and protecting against data breaches, and responding to them. FireEye’s Mandiant consulting unit also helps corporations build their own computer incident response team (CIRT) or security operations center (SOC) to better manage their security process and resolve future cyber threats.

“Cyber defense has never been more critical than it is today, and the Cybersecurity 500 recognizes the ‘companies to watch’ on the front lines of this battle” said Dave DeWalt, Chairman and CEO at FireEye, when the company was listed at No. 1 on the Cybersecurity 500 last year. “FireEye is committed to changing the way the world combats today’s advanced cyber attacks, and the Cybersecurity 500 spotlights the evolution taking place by raising awareness of the most innovative companies in the security industry.”

  • Herjavec Group is the Leading International IT Security Consulting Firm

The No. 10 position is the leading IT security consulting and services firm growing across international regions.

Herjavec Group, headquartered in Toronto, Canada, started up in 2003 as an information security consulting firm providing its services and selling products to Canadian corporations. The firm went on to open multiple offices in the U.S. and became a well respected player in the North American market. After that, Herjavec Group expanded into Europe, and most recently Australia. The firm operates its own 7x24x365 security operations centers (SOCs) in the markets they serve. Herjavec Group has acquired and rolled up several small IT security consultancies and MSSPs, an excellent growth strategy in a industry where talent is so difficult to come by.

Robert Herjavec’s namesake company is a well oiled IT security consultancy that is executing on its strategy of identifying and entering new regions with high growth market opportunities.

Cyber Top 10 Selection Criteria

The selection criteria for the Cyber Top 10 and Cybersecurity 500 is subjective and includes some or all of the following when evaluating each company:

  • Cybersecurity Sector (market category)
  • Problem(s) Solved
  • Customer Base
  • Feedback from CISOs and Decision Makers
  • Feedback from IT Security Evaluators & Recommenders
  • Feedback from VARs, SIs and Consultants
  • VC Funding
  • Company Growth
  • Published Product Reviews
  • Demos and Presentations at Conferences
  • Corporate Marketing and Branding
  • Media Coverage
  • Notable Implementations
  • Founder and Management Pedigree
  • Interviews with Senior Management

The Cyber Top 10 is not a ‘pay-to-play’ list (none of the companies have paid to be listed in the top 10), and each company has been evaluated and selected based exclusively on merit.

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