World’s First Exclusive Entertainment Security Operations Center (ESOC) Launched by Secure Channels Inc. to Transform Media & Entertainment Industry Digital Security

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ESOC Elevates Cybersecurity Solutions with Entertainment Producer Shaun Redick and Centralized, Membership-Based Full-Spectrum Security Hub 

Secure Channels Inc., provider of innovative security solutions designed to complement existing security investments, announced today that it is developing its own Entertainment Security Operations Center (ESOC), the world’s first centralized hub for the secure management of entertainment-industry content. Functioning as a company subsidiary and exclusive hub, ESOC will provide member clients with an automated architecture that provides a seamless safe and secure environment for the accessing and sharing of valuable entertainment-related, work-in-process content that leverages SCI’s proven hacker-unfriendly, security technologies.

The ESOC implementation is the result of a dynamic partnership with successful Hollywood movie producer, Shaun Redick, a stakeholder in ESOC and vital consultant to the division. Redick, who is having a phenomenal year, executive produced GET OUT, released by Universal Studios. Directed by acclaimed filmmaker Jordan Peele, GET OUT is the most profitable movie as well as the best reviewed (99% fresh on of 2017.

Shaun brings over two decades of top level entertainment industry expertise and is an accomplished professional in the major motion picture entertainment industry. He serves as the founder of Movie Package Company, LLC, a company involved in all facets of the film industry, from creative conception and development to packaging, financing, production and worldwide distribution. Additionally, Redick recently announced the launch of his new feature film and television production and finance company, Impossible Dream Entertainment, Inc. Before transitioning to Producer, Shaun Redick spent the first decade of his entertainment industry career at two of the biggest and most famous talent agencies in the world, the William Morris Agency (aka William Morris Endeavor) and International Creative Management (aka ICM Partners), working with some of the biggest movie stars and directors in Hollywood.

Deirdre Murphy, the current Chief Brand Officer of Secure Channels Inc., will run the business operations. Prior to entering the security space, Murphy co-created and ran the film festival, Short Monday’s, in Hollywood.

“We created this ESOC security platform in collaboration with Shaun to prevent damaging hacks such as the Sony and HBO breaches,” says Richard Blech, CEO of Secure Channels Inc. “By leveraging our proven array of full-spectrum, data security solutions and provide entertainment clients with a secure centralized hub for easily managing content, emails and film in an automated and permissions-based secure environment.”

The security operations center, located in Los Angeles, houses a “tier 3” data center infrastructure, which when combined with dark fiber tethering, enables ESOC’s high-performance solutions and scalability options. ESOC will leverage Secure Channels’ capabilities to provide an unparalleled level of security for clients, protecting pre-release scripts, content, and other IP from the potentially thousands of non-members involved in content production. By deploying patented proven encryption solutions above traditional certified single algorithms, ESOC will provide entertainment clients with data security along with stringent access control as well as a multitude of digital rights management (DRM) solutions.

The primary goal of creating ESOC is to completely and securely control the content “chain of custody” which includes all data, files and emails that occur within Hollywood productions . A content producer such as a large studio might have their own internal security protections, but they lose control of content when films, TV content, and scripts are sent out to third parties. Within ESOC’s exclusive membership model, every company or person that will access sensitive content must become a member of ESOC through a diligent identification process and can handle content only within that secure environment. It is the ideal usable solution for this industry because the implementation is designed for content security, includes the protection of data, files and emails as well as requires authorized access through exclusive membership via a centralized SOC, and definitively designed for the entertainment industry.

“I intimately understand Hollywood and the production cycle required for developing intellectual properties for the big screen as well as television, and know firsthand that the industry’s content is not managed securely,” said Redick. “I’m thrilled to be a stakeholder with ESOC and to lend my experience and knowledge regarding the gaps in security and the important business drivers for studios, networks, production companies and post production houses. ESOC is about not only the improvement of technology and security, but also the implementation. We aren’t asking Hollywood to change how it works, we’re providing all of the players with a secure framework to protect content investments, and their files and emails.”

“We’ve priced ESOC membership very competitively and encourage potential members to think of it as simply a cost of doing business,” continued Blech. “Unfortunately, some entertainment firms have essentially agreed to a lapse in security by sending content through unsecured means. We offer them the chance to close that insecure loop and protect their investments from piracy and theft, which can cause tens of millions in loss and potential revenues.”

Members who utilize ESOC’s service will also qualify for more cyber security insurance coverage mitigating their risks of damages by using the cyber security platform. Members will be able to apply for coverage from three major carriers through their membership in ESOC.

Secure Channels Inc. will be attending the 2018 Sundance Film Festival and will be available for onsite meetings to discuss the ESOC launch slated for February 2018. To coordinate in advance, please call 855-825-6766 or email

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