Worldwide Licence Agreement for Juniper Networks DDoS Secure solution

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | May 24, 2015 05:00 pm PST

Juniper Networks DDoS Secure solutionAccumuli Security, an NCC Group Company, has announced an agreement to licence Juniper Networks DDoS Secure technology.

In follow up to Accumuli Security’s, £6.37 million sale of DDoS business, Webscreen Systems, to Juniper Networks in February 2013, Sharing the news that Accumuli Security, has just gained the worldwide licencing rights for DDoS Secure from Juniper.

Gavin Lyons, CEO of Accumuli, comments: “DDoS Secure is a fantastic technology and we want to ensure it continues to thrive in the industry.  We believe in this technology and the value it can add to our customers and partners. As the previous owner of the technology, we are uniquely suited to continue its development to meet our customers’ business needs.”

We now have a much larger owned IP portfolio than we had when we sold the Webscreen business two years ago.  With a team of more than 15 developers we are now in a much better position to invest in and grow that IP.  In addition, now that we are part of NCC Group, customers will have access to a much wider development community.”

Following an initial transition period, Accumuli will assume responsibility for all current support agreement obligations as well as offer product renewals, new licence purchases, updates and upgrades to the DDoS Secure technology.

Jon Shallow, the Chief Architect behind the DDoS Secure product since 2000, will join Accumuli Security to continue to head up work on the solution. DDoS Secure customers and partners will receive uninterrupted support and a product line that will continue to be enhanced and extended in line with a robust product roadmap, as well as accepted customer enhancement requests.

About Accumuli

AccumuliAccumuli is a leading, rapidly growing, UK based independent specialist in IT security and risk management. We provide industry leading solutions and services underpinned by rare skills and capabilities. Our objective is to enable organisations to manage the ever increasing IT risk landscape and leverage their IT assets for business value.Managing risk created from significant IT Trends (such as cybercrime, consumerisation of IT, Big Data) or business objectives (such as saving money or doing more with less) is the perennial balancing act for any IT department. The ideal outcome is to have an IT infrastructure that is available, performing and visible whilst always being compliant, resourced and secure.The Accumuli approach is to assist our customers in identifying both the risk and potential of their IT infrastructure and address any gaps with leading solutions and expert services. Accumuli has a culture that is focused entirely on helping our customers and working as one team to deliver tangible results – we can help with a very specific need or a holistic end-to-end solution.Accumuli has offices in Basingstoke, Cambridge, Leeds, London and Glasgow. Accumuli’s global customer base consists of companies of all sizes across an expanding range of industry sectors including financial services, utilities, telecommunications, manufacturing and government.

Accumuli Security, an NCC Group Company.
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About NCC Group 

NCC Group NCC Group is a global information assurance specialist, passionate about making the Internet safer and revolutionising the way in which organisations think about cyber security.

Through an unrivalled and unique range of services, the company provides organisations across the world with freedom from doubt that their most important assets are protected and operational at all times.Listed on the London Stock Exchange, NCC Group is a trusted advisor to more than 15,000 clients worldwide. Headquartered in Manchester, UK, NCC Group has 24 offices across the world and employs more than 1,000 specialists in information security, assurance and technology.NCC Group delivers security consulting, software escrow and verification, website performance, software testing and domain services.