2015 Predictions for Cloud Security

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Writer , Information Security Buzz | Dec 04, 2014 05:02 pm PST

2014 was the year of the data breach. 2015 will see much of the same, but it will be further complicated as it will be the year of the digital enterprise – with further adoption of cloud, mobility and IoT.

Bitglass, a mobile and cloud security company, offers its top tech predictions for 2015.

– “Office Goes Off” -Office 365 will take a massive lead over Google Apps in the enterprise, leading many to believe Microsoft has returned to dominance. In 2013, Microsoft had 1 million users. As of Sept 30th of this year, they had 7 million users.

– “The Digital Employee Will Be The Victor” – Employee pushback due to privacy concerns will result in a fresh look at BYOD. The industry will seek alternatives to MDM, stalling the growth of the MDM market.

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– “Big Bucks For Medical Data” – Medical records are 50x more valuable than credit cards on the black market. This will be the new target du jour, ushering in a major rise in noncompliance of HIPAA regulations

– “Buh-Bye Shadow IT, Hello Cloud Apps” – IT efforts to enable their businesses with the cloud apps and mobile devices will directly result in a decrease in Shadow IT prevalence. IT departments will begin reaffirming their position as the designated point of IT responsibility management.

– “IT Gets SaaSy” – Today, almost 67% of healthcare orgs are using SaaS applications. This number will continue to grow in other highly regulated industries, as well. Gartner predicts that by 2016, more than 60% of banks around the world will process transactions in the cloud

– “The Age of Productivity” – Seamless user interaction across devices will be a top priority for IT leaders. Today 40%  of employees are using personally owned devices for work.

– “Training Day – The IT Security Version” – As the number of malware and scams increase, more focus will be placed on making employees more “security saavy.Security training for employees will become an industry standard as BYOD continues to grow in enterprise popularity

– “Almost perfect” The idea of 100% security will fade from existence, and a greater portion of budgets will be put towards conducting risk assessments and risk mitigation tactics

– “The Truth Is in The Data” As advanced analytics technologies continue to thrive, demand for a data science approach to security will grow rapidly. Companies will begin using data science to understand where the greatest security vulnerabilities lie within their infrastructure.

About Bitglass

bitglassIn a world of cloud applications and mobile devices, IT must secure corporate data that resides on third-party servers and travels over third-party networks to employee-owned mobile devices. Existing security technologies are simply not suited to solving this task, since they were developed to secure the corporate network perimeter. Bitglass is a Cloud Access Security Broker that delivers innovative technologies that transcend the network perimeter to deliver total data protection for the enterprise – in the cloud, on mobile devices and anywhere on the Internet.

Bitglass was founded in 2013 by a team of industry veterans with a proven track record of innovation and execution. Bitglass is based in Silicon Valley and backed by venture capital from NEA and Norwest.

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