Facebook Tests Tracking Location History Via Instagram

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Oct 06, 2018 03:44 am PST

It has been reported that Instagram has been spotted prototyping a new privacy setting that would allow it to share your location history with Facebook. That means your exact GPS coordinates collected by Instagram, even when you’re not using the app, would help Facebook to target you with ads and recommend you relevant content. The geo-tagged data would appear to users in their Facebook Profile’s Activity Log, which include daily maps of the places you been.

Sam Curry, Chief Security Officer at Cybereason:

“It’s generally not a good idea to reveal more information about movements, behaviours and the like; and turning location reporting off is sound security advice when looked at in isolation. However, much of your location-based information is inferable from elsewhere and from other data readily available and doing this might lead to a false sense of security.

It’s a personal decision based on lifestyle, versus privacy choices to try to limit access to real world, kinetic information by data super-aggregators; and if done right it may be hard to do completely and lead to major questions of whether to participate in social media at all. More choices and disclosure, ease of access to exposure and ease of autonomy features are needed across the board; simply saying you can change settings for clicks into a UI on dozens of sites is not enough. It’s not identity-centric enough or, more accurately, it’s not people-centric at all.”

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