Adult Sites’ New Age Verification Checks

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Apr 18, 2019 07:45 am PST

Online pornography age checks are going to be mandatory in UK from 15th July but there are number of ecurity implications around this and the possibility of cybercriminals creating fraudulent age verification processes in order to access the personal information of unsuspecting Brits.   

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John Fokker, Head of Cyber Investigations at McAfee:

“It is important that the implementation of these robust age verification checks are done diligently, as it is likely that cybercriminals will target users by creating fraudulent age verification processes to cash-in on unsuspecting Brits. 

“As it stands, some websites ask for age verification through the means of asking users to input sensitive personal information, including credit card details. And this is the perfect ploy for cybercriminals to take advantage, encouraging users to unknowingly hand over their card details and give direct access to all kinds of personal information, including card numbers, home addresses and online passwords. 

“A censored internet will force users to circumvent the enforced controls. On the hunt for the content they want, it is likely they will search in even more dangerous places online. It’s paramount that people take responsibility to check the authenticity of websites before sharing any personal information. Once submitted, people must keep a close eye on their bank account history because all-too-often criminals get away with their fraudulent activity for quite some time before anyone realises.” 



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