Anonymised Authentication For SaaS, Cloud Or On-Prem Applications Without The Need For Passwords Now A Reality

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Jun 16, 2016 05:54 am PST

Secure Cloudlink – SaaS Providers Edition eliminates password proliferation, improving revenues, application security and the user experience

 A new solution that not only reduces the risk of cyber attacks, but also cuts development and support costs through the elimination of passwords, has been launched for SaaS solution providers.

Secure Cloudlink – SaaS Providers Edition has been designed from the ground up by British cloud security software company Secure Cloudlink Ltd. The innovative and groundbreaking security application provides anonymised authentication to SaaS, cloud or on-premise applications without storing, replicating or transmitting passwords anywhere outside of the directory services.

Using a patented token security system that operates between the Directory without the use of passwords, Secure Cloudlink – SaaS Providers Edition includes a SSO (single-sign-on) service and optional biometric or multi-factor user authentication to improve the end user experience.

Secure Cloudlink acts as a secure, centralised user authentication and application to manage all users access rights to all authorised applications without the need to create and manage internal domains.

Brian Keats, CEO, Secure Cloudlink Ltd, stated: “Security dominates the discussion about Cloud, and given the severity and frequency of data breaches experienced by organisations, in the current climate it is understandable and indeed advisable that businesses are concerned. But as with any IT delivery model, it’s important that security risks are understood and that appropriate commercial judgment is used to assess and mitigate risks on an ongoing basis through policy, training, process and tools.

“Security is regularly cited by end user organisations as an objection to Cloud, so it should come as little surprise that it recently topped the list of end users’ concerns in recent research from the Cloud Industry Forum. According to the research 61% of end user organisations questioned stated that security was a significant concern in the adoption of Cloud services within their organisation.”

According to Gartner in its report ‘Design IT Self Service for the Business Consumer’ “password resets account for as much as 40 per cent of IT service desk contact value.”1

“Password and identity sharing is difficult to monitor and manage for SaaS application providers and end user organisations alike. For the SaaS provider this means loss of revenue and for the end user it means the risk of license non-compliance,” continued Brian.

“Although some organisations are investing in technology to automate password resets to reduce the number of calls, user credentials still persist exposing the organisation to the threat of cyber attacks. At Secure Cloudlink our approach is to eliminate the passwords and streamline the granting of access to applications, IT resources and on-line services.”

Although SSO, password management and biometric recognition systems remove passwords from the user perspective, behind the scenes user credentials are still stored, transmitted and replicated.

“All of these challenges, costs and the complexity of providing and controlling access to your SaaS application can be swept away by simply eliminating passwords. Secure Cloudlink – SaaS Providers Edition does just that and can be implemented within days,” added Brian.

This is the only platform that anonymises user identities over the web for secure access to cloud services. Secure Cloudlink’s unique technology never requires access or stores user security credentials when connecting internal users, customers and suppliers to web-based applications.

The use of Federated Security authentication, also means that network users can enjoy seamless and secure access to multiple cloud services without even appearing to have left the corporate network.

About Secure Cloudlink

secure cloudlinkSecure Cloudlink – no passwords.

Secure Cloudlink is a patented cloud services brokerage (CSB) solution providing both secure identity management and cloud services distribution which uniquely eliminates the use of passwords.

Unlike other user authentication solutions Secure Cloudlink does not store transmit or replicate user credentials ‘behind the scenes’ removing the security risks, frustrations, system and cost overheads associated with issuing and maintaining passwords.

Including biometric user interfaces, multi-factor authentication and single sign on (SSO) capabilities , Secure Cloudlink is a highly cost competitive, secure, and centrally managed access solution to on-premise and SaaS applications including, financial services, Microsoft Office 365 and Mimecast.